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Just Like a Perfectly Crafted Fanfic, You Can Now Build a Vacation Home for Animal Crossing’s “But They Were Roommates” Ship!

You can also invite their dads out for coffee!

Flick Happy Home Paradise

In my poor attempt at not writing about Animal Crossing every day this week, I came across a tweet that required my undivided attention.

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Flick and CJ, Animal Crossing’s very own “but they were roommates” ship, get a vacation house together.

Not only can you build them the chameleon and beaver house of dreams, but Flick isn’t even interested in the house until he finds out he can bring CJ, too.

CJ’s the same way. No vacation home is complete without his favorite bug enthusiast.

A quick recap on one of Nintendo’s purest ships.

Flick and CJ will visit your island every now and then. Flick is interested in the bugs you catch while CJ is interested in the fish, and both will pay a considerable amount of bells for them. Flick is also an artist who does commissions of the bugs you catch (the fish, too, as CJ informs you that his roommate makes models of them).

After running into them a couple of times you find out that they make up nearly every wholesome fanfic tag you can think of. Not only are they roommates and business partners, but they’re also childhood friends who are so close that, according to CJ, it just made sense for them to move in with each other when they set off to live on their own.

CJ is the more extroverted of the two so you learn a lot about their relationship through him. Meanwhile, Flick is just a sweet, gothic chameleon who quietly admits that, besides “his partner,” you (the player) are the only person he really talks to.

In terms of the Happy Home Paradise DLC, I’m so charmed by Flick’s reaction to being able to share a vacation home with CJ. Going without him just wasn’t in the realm of possibility for him. You can go on vacation by yourself, buddy, you’re not gonna be gone forever, but I completely understand if it’s better with your partner.

We get a coffee shop AU, too?!

Not only do you get to make Flick and CJ a vacation home, but you also get to invite them to The Roost for coffee. You only get to call one of them over, though, but the other will most likely tag along.

So if you invite CJ, he’ll bring Flick, and vice versa.

Unless, of course, CJ brings his dad.

We get to meet their dads (who are thrilled that their sons are so close)!

Longtime Animal Crossing fans will recognize Nat (Flick’s dad) and Chip (CJ’s dad), who will also stop over for a cup of coffee at The Roost. Like most parents with kids who are so attached to each other that it warrants a tag on ao3, Nat and Chip spend a lot of time talking about their children.

Apparently, there’s a bit of tension between Nat and Flick, though. CJ fills you in when he comes to The Roost with his dad… because all he can talk about is Flick.

How can you create your very own Animal Crossing “But They Were Roommates” Vacation AU?

Once you reach a certain point in your vacation home building, you’ll be able to use your amiibo to summon particular characters to the island. Flick and CJ now have amiibo cards available, so you’ll be able to use their cards to give one of them a call.

However, there are a select few who are considered to be VIPs, meaning you won’t be able to call them until later.

I’m gonna assume Flick and CJ are some of those VIPs since they’re similar to the likes of Celeste, Isabelle, and other Animal Crossing NPC who either visit your island or are stationary there as shop owners and such. That means you have to wait a little longer to be able to use their amiibo (aka: build more homes), but once you’re able to call in VIP clients, you can invite one of them over.

This is all speculation, as I haven’t hit that part in the DLC yet.

I’m also not sure if you have to have the ability to have vacationers rooming together unlocked or not (which you also gain through building more homes).

Honestly? Flick and CJ’s ship has been sailing on those crisp, blue waters that Kapp’n does tours on for well over a year. Nintendo’s just adding more context for what we already know. At the end of the paradise workday, the couple that grows up together? Moves in together, run a business together, and now? Vacations together.

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