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Star Wars Fan Captures The Essence Of A New Hope In Haiku Form

Aren't you a little short for a poem?


Star Wars aficionado Craig W. Chenery recently took a break from other projects on his website to re-tell the tale of A New Hope through nearly 200 haikus, an impressive majority of which follow the standard 17-syllable format (Although for the record, not all haikus have to follow the 5-7-5 guideline).

I’ve included the poems that captured parts of the movie that made a huge impression on me when I first watched it, which I think is why I’m so tickled by Chenery’s endeavor–there’s something about haiku that distills a moment, and in this case an entire movie, perfectly. I definitely recommend checking out the entire series on Chenery’s blog whenever you’re in need of a Star Wars fix, regardless of whether you fall on the same side of the “who shot first” debate.

Luke and Biggs scene cut
Won’t be seen for twenty years
Poor Garrick Hagon

Jawas find R2
He has a shocking good time
Face down on the ground

The Death Star’s no moon
Imperials talk inside
The big guys show up

Han Solo shoots first
Greedo does not fire a shot
That would be silly

A pilot has died
Porkins we hardly knew ye
You were not that fat

The Death Star explodes
Stormtroopers blown to pieces
Huge mess to clean up

“Great shot kid” Han yelled
“It’s one in a million”
Luke lets out a sigh

The rebels have won
And the heroes get medals
Except for Chewie

Now I suggest we all take pen to paper and attempt live-haikuing the rest of the sequels. I eagerly await Ackbar memorialized in poem.

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