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A New Borderlands Game Is Coming

But will it be a sequel, or a new story?


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There is just so freakin’ much to love about Borderlands. (I’m a huge fan, in case you couldn’t already tell.) As a gamer who sometimes just wants to come home at the end of a long day and turn off her brain with some fun missions, shootin’ and lootin’–Borderlands has plenty of that. As someone who appreciates rich worldbuilding, fascinating characters and kickass ladies, it’s got plenty of that too. I was surprised it took me as long as I did to start playing the Borderlands series to begin with–and while I haven’t fully completed every single game yet, I’m contented with the knowledge that it’ll always be there whenever I want to get back to it.

At a PAX East Panel, Gearbox (the company behind the Borderlands games) confirmed that there will be another game in the series! While nothing was confirmed about whether it will be a direct sequel or simply set in the Borderlands world, the mere knowledge that another game is in the works definitely excited me as well as other fans when the news broke.

According to the panelists, there may also be some Easter eggs for the proposed Borderlands 3 within the DLC for Battleborn, which is going to be released May 3, 2016 and like Borderlands, will contain some awesome female playable characters.

I could give Claptrap a high-five just hearing about all this excellent Borderlands news, how about you?


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