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911 to Allow Texting, Mobile Video

In an attempt to update 911 to current trends in modern technology, the Federal Communications Commission is looking to have the emergency service respond to text messages and video streaming from mobile phones. Though it may seem a little ridiculous at first, allowing for text messages and streaming video would actually help people report crimes without being overheard.

The FCC pointed to the Virginia Tech shooting as a situation where text messaging and other means of modern communication would’ve been helpful. At the moment, details have not yet been revealed as to where the money for the upgrades will come from.

I wonder if there are going to soon be government job postings asking for people proficient in text message lingo. Either way, try to use proper spelling and punctuation if you’re ever in a situation where you’re desperately seeking the help of 911 via a text message. Though as one Mashable commenter points out, iPhone Autocorrect plus 911 texting could spell trouble.

(story via Wired; title pic via W. David Phillips)

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