The 80-Port USB Charger Board

A Japanese company called Thanko sells a USB charger board with 80 ports. Charge your phone, your camera, your Kindle, your friends’ phones, cameras, and Kindles, plug in USB toasters and flashlights and other such sillinesses, and still have about 60 open USB ports left!

From the website: (w/ Google Translate)

It sure surprised everyone! This port is also a whopping 80 USB ports are built’m Chajabodo. Mobile phones, digital cameras, audio players and so on. If you have a lot of digital devices that may be good news! 80 Being able to charge your digital devices, like a dream, does not? USB something that when viewed from the side port in a row, 80 terminals, with Quite powerful I feel like I kind of army soldiers.

In the picture below, only half of the ports are being used.

The board costs about $182 from Tanko’s website, or $250 from AudioCubes sans import headaches. (AudioCubes makes the point that this might actually be best for a lab/workstation setting.) But that’s a small price to pay for so many USB ports, you feel like you have a small army of soldiers.

(Tanko via Oh Gizmo! via Boing Boing)

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