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7 Female-Led Titles to Empower Your Holidays, From Kensington Books

His Dark Magic-Cover Image

The holiday season is coming up, which means finding titles for your book-loving friends. Rebel Base and Lyrical books have delivered in producing a bunch of titles featuring female protagonists written by women authors, including THE SPECTRAL CITY and HIS DARK MAGIC, which are the first books in their respective series. It’s a compelling series of titles from all across the fantasy genre, so there’s something for the fan in everyone.

Exile of the Seas.v2

EXILE OF THE SEAS | Jeffe Kennedy |Epic Fantasy

She might be free of her Kingdom—and her marriage—but Jenna, former Imperial Princess of Dasnaria, knows it’s only a matter of time before her brute of a husband hunts her down. She finds allies willing to help her train, help her hide, but even deep in a far-away land, Jenna’s bid for freedom will end in a fight …

A Muddle of Magic.v2

A MUDDLE OF MAGIC | Alexandra Rushe | High Fantasy

Whisked from humdrum Alabama to the fantastical land of Tandara by a mage who won’t take no for an answer, Raine Stewart finds herself tangled in a muddle of magic. A Dark Wizard is out for her blood, a demonic golem has orders to dispatch her … and she stinks at magic. Bummer.

The Shadow City.v2

THE SHADOW CITY | Ryan Wieser | Science Fiction – Space Opera

Jessop, the first woman to join the Hunters of Infinity, has finally been reunited with those who mean the most to her. Heartbroken and betrayed, Hunter Kohl O’Hanlon retaliates with an attack on the infamous Shadow City—leaving Jessop to fight a war on two fronts. As the line between allies and adversaries continues to blur, Jessop’s skills as an elite warrior are tested more than ever—but she’ll do whatever it takes to protect those she loves …

A Choice of Secrets.v2

A CHOICE OF SECRETS | Barb Hendee | Historical Fantasy

When Lady Nicole Montagna discovers her sister is with child—and not by her betrothed—Nicole must make an impossible choice. An enchanted mirror appears before her at her need, giving her the opportunity to live out three potential futures determined by the decision she must make tonight.

The Spectral City.v2

THE SPECTRAL CITY | Leanna Renee Hieber |Gaslamp Fantasy

In 1899 New York City, Eve Whitby is the most powerful medium of her generation, and the leader of the Ghost Precinct, a secret, all-women faction of the New York Police Department that uses psychics and ghosts to help solve some of the city’s most disturbing crimes. But now something is coming—not for the living, but for the dead. And it’s up to Eve to brave the darkness and stop them.

Shattered Lands.v2

SHATTERED LANDS | Alice Henderson |Science Fiction – Cli-Fi

Alice Henderson returns with the second in a new three-book post-apocalyptic series, in which a lone heroine on a post-environmental-catastrophe Earth has to rally the ignorant masses to somehow divert an asteroid hurtling straight toward them. On Sale: 12/11/18.

His Dark Magic.v2

HIS DARK MAGIC | Pat Esden |Paranormal Romance

Chloe Winslow’s impulsive streak has gotten her in trouble one too many times—she’s on the straight and narrow now, studying medicine at the University of Vermont. But an invitation to join the mysterious Northern Circle coven—and the brilliant and sexy man that offers it—may lure her off the path and back into dark and dangerous magic once again. On Sale: 12/11/18.

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