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7 Best Horror Gifts For 2022

Save yourself a headache!

billy from Saw franchise funko pop

The holiday season is approaching, and last-minute gift buying is incredibly stressful for folks. But it’s made easier when you know what your loved ones want or need. Focusing on what people are interested in will make for great gifts, rather than buying without thought. And if you have loved ones who are horror fans, there are PLENTY of options for gifts.

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There’s literally no shortage of options in terms of horror gifts at this point. You don’t always need to go to a store to buy something for someone either. There’s Depop, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Amazon (unfortunately we can’t all avoid buying from there) etc. Buying secondhand might even be the route to go if you can’t find certain items brand new. Supporting small businesses is also very much an option! So, what are the best horror gifts? I suppose you’ll find out if you continue scrolling.

Horror movie Funko Pops

various horror funko pops

There are endless options for Funko pops and that can be somewhat overwhelming. Though if you know the franchise/fandom that your gift receiver loves then you are golden. From popular horror series like Stranger Things to iconic franchises like Halloween, there’s many Funko pops to choose from. If you want to support secondhand sellers, visit Depop, Poshmark, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and so on. Otherwise, most stores like your local Walmart, toy store, Amazon and other sites carry Funko pops.

Fangoria subscription

fangoria magazine

Fangoria continues to live on and even the description for the 1 year gift subscription sums up why it’s perfect. It’s not super cheap but your gift receiver gets so much for the price! Who wouldn’t love a collection of horror history and behind-the-scenes photos for a gift? You can also purchase single issues or merch from the Fangoria website.

Horror movie t-shirts and apparel

you're next t-shirt design by Devon Whitehead
(Devon Whitehead/Cavity Colors)

There’s nothing like wearing a horror t-shirt or other clothing apparel with a kick-ass design on it. Even gifting someone a gift card from their favorite horror apparel store can be a wonderful gift. If you know exactly what franchise or horror movie your receiver is into, surprise them with something! But if you’re not quite sure then a gift card (even if it’s digital) will be suitable as well. Below are some sites you can check for horror clothing and other goodies.

Horror DVDs, Steelbooks etc.

horror box sets from Scream Factory
(Scream Factory/Shout Factory)

Buying someone a DVD is all well and good (sometimes you’ll find a collector’s edition after all), but getting someone a limited edition steelbook or a box set? That’s extra special! Horror fans who love collecting and having variations of a title are almost always looking to build their collection. Try to narrow down what your gift receiver loves and go from there. It might be helpful to see what they already have so you don’t accidentally buy a duplicate. Below is one of the best alternatives to Amazon if you’d rather not shop there. Ebay, Depop (potentially) and other sites are also an option!

Horror Art

You can totally buy some stickers from a chain store and call it a holiday, but supporting small businesses during the season is a wonderful thing to do. Chain stores don’t care if you’re spending a couple of dollars on stickers at your local store. However, when you buy from an artist’s Big Cartel, Ko-fi, Etsy etc it’s very much noticed. Buy from marginalized artists and give your loved ones something unique they can’t just get anywhere. Below are some folks (some which I can personally vouch for) to shop from for horror art.

Horror video games

cover art for The Quarry
(Supermassive Games/Liam Grice)

Just like almost everything else on this list, you can buy games secondhand rather than spend a potential arm and a leg in store. And there’s also an option to give someone a gift card so they can choose something for themselves. Check this list for horror games like The Quarry (which is also a top-notch gift idea). There are plenty of other horror games to purchase for your loved ones. Doing a simple Google search may work or just asking someone what they may want!

Other ideas for horror gifts

  • Comics, books, poetry chapbooks etc.
  • Gift cards for horror sites + stores
  • Collectibles (plushies, figures etc)

(featured image: Funko)

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