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63% of Gamers Think a Firmware Upgrade Will Make Their TV Capable of 3D

According to a recent poll conducted by Interpret, “a leading entertainment, media and technology measurement and market research firm,” 63% of gamers believe video game console firmware updates make their television capable of 3D display. In a related story: Really, guys?

The survey was taken online by 1500 people, and 63% of console owners apparently didn’t know that their television’s hardware had to be capable of 3D in order to display 3D: A grim day for gamers as a whole.

However, the information regarding the survey didn’t divulge specific details to determine whether or not we “knowledgable” gamers should fear for the collective awareness of our kin, such as if these gamers had an HDTV and understood how HD worked, or if these console gamers were mainly casual gamers without the associated tech-savvy knowledge that generally accompanies the gaming hobby (grandparents who bought a Wii once upon a time come to mind).

Whatever the reason, it’s a scary percentage.

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