6-Year-Old Reviews Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark may be taking its lumps in the press right now, what with the delays and multiple actor injuries and all, but it’s got a nuanced and largely favorable critic in Ada Grey, age 6, who says in her “re-piew” [since it is about a preview, so it’s not really a review] that “I liked the funny parts and I liked the confusing parts quite a bit. The music was good–almost all the people were singing during the music. It was kind of rocking and kind of sad-ish.”

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I think this should be for ages 8 and up. It was very scary. You would have to go on a very long plane trip to get there, so be prepared to be bored for a second on the trip to New York and to be bored for some of the play, but most of it will not be boring luckily. People that like Spider-Man and super heroes and villains and violence and kissing would like this play.

Full review here; be sure to check out Ada’s other reviews as well.

(Ada Grey via TDW)

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