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Someone Tell Seth Rogen Girls Also Went to High School

We love you Seth... but, really?

Beanie Feldstein in 'Booksmart'

Seth Rogen recently said that he believes there hasn’t been a solid high school movie since Superbad … has he been living under a rock? Not only have we seen some great teenage-themed films over the years, but a lot of the exceptionally great ones are starring female leads. We can’t help but wonder if there’s a connection.

However, we were not the only ones who questioned Rogen. Twitter was set on fire by Rogen’s statement, and people had a lot to say.

Thus, we have compiled a list of five of the best coming-of-age, high school, teenager-esque films that have dropped (since Superbad) that are definitely worth jogging Rogen’s memory. Not to mention, all of them star some incredible women.


Written and directed by Olivia Wilde, Booksmart was a hit before it was even released. This film earnestly shows what it’s like to be a teenage girl adapting to the huge change of finally graduating. It’s witty and exceptional, and the actresses are extremely talented.

Do Revenge

Do Revenge dropped in 2021, and is one of the first high school movies featuring female leads to truly accomplish the revenge troupe. Plus, it hits on larger topics that are pertinent to teenagers in general, some of them even triggering. However, the message of the movie turns into something that’s empowering and makes the film a must-watch.

Lady Bird

Lady Bird took the world by storm when it dropped. With its themes of angst and feminism, the film changed the game as far as the coming-of-age category. Fans were literally dying their hair pink afterward and calling themselves ladybirds. It’s the kind of film we wished we had when we were younger.

The Edge of Seventeen

Despite sharing a similar name with a Stevie Nicks song, this film is just as incredible. If you’re looking for a solid coming-of-age film with a female lead (also starring Woody Harrelson?)—this is the movie for you. It’s hilarious, and deep, and reminds us all what it’s like to discover ourselves and grow as people.


MOXie! was released in 2021 and was directed by Amy Poehler. While it did face some criticism, it also highlights the importance of individualism and finding your voice. The film reminds us what it’s like to find feminism as a young woman, and what it means to be independent.

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