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The Chillest Libra Anime Characters of All Time

Viiiiiiiiibe cheeeeeeeeck!!!!

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If there’s one thing I know about Libras, it’s that they’re all about good vibes. Unlike cold, calculating Capricorns and fiery, passionate Aries, Libras are trying to take it easy and breezy. As such, they are always trying to cultivate an immaculate vibe for themselves, their living spaces, and their social lives. Libra fashion? Always a fit. Libra bedrooms? The chillest of chill. Libra friendships? Only the coolest of people can hang. So in accordance with the ancient Libra tradition of the vibe check, I’ve collected a list of five Libras from anime to see if they pass or fail. If they pass, then they earn the ultimate honorable descriptor: “chill af.” If they fail, they’re probably not a Libra at all, but a narc in disguise. Whack.

Naruto Uzumaki

(image credit Pierrot)

As a child, Naruto did not pass the vibe check. He was honestly not chill and pretty fucking annoying. He was loud, and obnoxious, and he couldn’t take a “no” from Sakura. He also kept shouting “believe it!” all the time, and the only thing the villagers could believe about Naruto was someday he was gonna end up with a kunai knife in his back.

But as Naruto grew, so did his vibe. One could argue that his vibe matured and aged like a fine wine.

In his late teens, he had calmed down quite a bit, and was much more practical and level-headed. His style game had seriously leveled up as well. The Sage Mode eyeshadow? Iconic. He was way chiller to everyone, and finally, let Sakura go. Instead, he fell in love with Hinata, a chill af lady who passes the vibe check with flying colors. Naruto eventually passed the vibe check of the entire Village Hidden In The Leaves, and become their 7th Hokage. As an adult, he’s the vibiest dude there is. He’s humble, laid back, and always trying to bring people together. His friends are pretty dope too. I mean he even passed a demonic vibe check from the Nine-Tailed Fox spirit living inside him, and now the two are tight. That’s something that literally only a Libra can do. Vibe check passed.

Maxmillion Pegasus

(image credit: Toei Animation)

Alright, so immediate vibe check: my man has style. I mean he’s immaculate. The perfect haircut. The sharp suit in red. The off-white shoes. He’s even got a little cravat thing. His fit is on point. What about his living sitch? Equally vibey. He lives in a big-ass castle on top of a hill. And his stuff is nice. He’s got antique furniture. Fancy curtains. And high ceilings. He’s also got art on the walls, all drawn by him. Most of them are pictures of his lost love Cecelia, and that’s a sad vibe, but really sweet. He also loves to chill and drink wine and read cartoons. A vibe in itself. Seems like he should pass the vibe check right? Except there’s one teensy problem: he’s evil. He does a lot of honestly whack shit throughout the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! series. He betrays one of his closest homies, Seto Kaiba, and tries to take over his company by kidnapping his younger brother. Bad vibe. He also likes to trap people souls inside of playing cards when they get in his way. Really bad vibe. And worst of all, he cheats at the card game that he invented. Abysmal vibe. He uses his creepy “millennium eye” to read people’s minds and see their next move. He was finally vibe-checked into defeat by Yami Yugi, who has more skilled (and better hair) than he does. He apparently redeems himself in later seasons, but a standard issue vibe check of the first seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh does not do Max any favors. The verdict? Vibe check failed. This dude is a total narc.

Momo Yaoyoruzu

(image credit: bones)

So we’ve got one pass and one fail. We need a hero to turn the tables and bring the vibes back into our favor. Well look no further, Momo Yaoyoruza has come through with her pristine vibes to help us out. First off, style: Momo wrote the light novel on it. Libras take great pride in their physical appearance, and Momo is no exception. The vibiest thing about Momo is, she has respect for her physical appearance even when others don’t. Someone is always saying some shit about Momo’s outfits. Usually one of the horny boys in her class. Does she let it get her down? Does she let it make her feel embarrassed or ashamed? Hell no. Momo knows that her outfit is dope, and she doesn’t give a fuck if some narcs choose to sexualize her because of it. That is a vibe. She’s also got a super chill living situation because of her wealthy upbringing, and it’s a total vibe because she didn’t let her wealth turn her into a snobby asshole (i.e. a narc). Better still, she’s the smartest girl in her class. She’s a literal genius. But again, doesn’t lord it over people. Like the best Libras, she’s talented, down to earth, and can totally hang. Vibe checked and passed.

Ruri Hirijibe

(image credit: brain’s base)

Okay, so this is a tough case. Ruri is someone who simultaneously seems to pass and fail the Libra vibe check. She’s an idol in Japan. A pro musician and singer. Such a vibe. As a result, she’s totally stylish and glamorous and has passed the vibe check of millions of adoring fans. She also makes bangers. A serious vibe. There’s only one problem with her: she’s a serial killer. Using the moniker “Hollywood” (vibey name) she dresses up as famous monsters from old Hollywood movies and murders people so brutally that their corpses are virtually unrecognizable (bad vibe). So who does she kill? Well, here’s where the vibe gets complicated. As a child, she was scouted by a talent agency and ended up being employed by some really creepy executives who drank her blood during some seriously fucked up rituals.They also murdered her father. So now what does she do? She puts on monster movie masks and ruthlessly kills everyone who was responsible for making her life hell. A scary vibe, but a vibe I can empathize with. The only problem is she’s also willing to kill anyone else who finds out her secret. That right there is a bad vibe. I want to pass her because I sympathize with her, but I’m afraid I have to fail her. After all, if she knew I was writing this article about her and her secret identity, she would kill me. And that is not a vibe.

Erwin Smith

(image credit: MAPPA)

We’re neck and neck. Two vibe checks passed, and two failed. We need a hero with a godly vibe to bring us over the finish line and leave the vibe check forever passed for Librakind. Well lucky for us, I found that hero: Erwin Smith, humanity’s vibiest soldier.

So how does Erwin Smith pass the vibe check? A better question would be how doesn’t Erwin Smith pass the vibe check? In the style category, Erwin passes with flying colors. I mean who doesn’t love a man in uniform? To be fair, narcs wear uniforms too (unless they’re working under cover) but when your uniform exemplifies your commitment to shielding humanity from hordes of flesh-eating giants, you can consider your vibe check passed. As for his living space, he’s a soldier, so his room is always neat and tidy. Nice. But where Erwin really shines is in his relationships with other people. He is respected by everyone. Why? Because he’s a brilliant leader. He is smart, charismatic, and brave as all hell. Unlike some generals who sit back and watch, he leads every charge. He has vibed his way into the hearts of his entire army. Hell, even Levi Ackerman likes him. And that guy doesn’t like anybody. He is one of humanity’s greatest assets against a horde of towering narcs. Vibe check forever passed. We salute a Libra hero.

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