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The Best Capricorn Anime Characters

If there’s one word I’d choose to sum up a Capricorn it would be this: achievement. Cold and ruthless achievement. Alright maybe not totally cold and ruthless, but they’re definitely more ambitious than the people in this study. Genetic predisposition to laziness? Pshaw! A Capricorn would never fall victim to such a silly notion. Who listens to science anyway? Nerds. That’s who. And Capricorns are many things, but nerds are not one of them. And so, to celebrate our non-nerdy high achievers, I’m putting together a list of some of the highest achieving Capricorns in all of anime. These people wouldn’t know lazy if it showed up on their doorstep one day and said, “I’ve been searching for you for a decade. I’m your child. When I was five years old you said you were going out to get milk, but you never came back. Why did you do it? I need to understand. It’s the only way I can heal.” SLAM. Sorry kid, tell it to the door. These Capricorns have never heard of you. Go find some other childless bachelor to bother.

Megumi Fushiguro

(image credit : MAPPA)

Megumi Fushiguro, like many other Capricorns on this list, is a high achiever in the art of combat. This dude has been beating up people since middle school. And when I say “people” what I mean is “multiple upperclassmen at once.” Seriously, he leaves bloody piles of them in the schoolyard. Why? Because he’s in a bad fucking mood all the time, that’s why. As a descendant of the Zenin family, he comes from a long line of Jujutsu sorcerers. As such, he was extremely adept at using a variety of spells and curses from a young age. He can summon giant snakes, demonic wolves, and mythical Japanese chimera to aid him in combat. And he had to tame all of these beasts before they would listen to a word he said. Now that is going above and beyond right there. Training a dog takes enough patience, but taming an infernal one? Even worse. Throughout the series, he’s tangoed with some pretty nasty foes and lived to tell the tale. He fought in even terms with the heir to one of the most powerful sorcerer clans in Japan (who was two years his senior, mind you) and he even managed to exorcise an elite level “special grade” curse by himself. And he’s only what? 15? Kid’s a baby. An unstoppable Capricorn baby, baby.


(image credit: Ufotable)

One might look at Nezuko and see a shy, sweet girl whose only ambition is laying around and sleeping all day BUT LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. Do you know why this little Capricorn sleeps all day? Because of her ungodly amount of willpower, that’s why. You wouldn’t know by looking at her, but sweet little Nezuko is a demon. And most demons can only survive by feasting on the flesh of humans. But Nezuko, through sheer strength of Capricorn character resists the urge to consume flesh and blood and instead is able to replenish her energy by sleeping all day. And woe to the motherfucker who wakes her up. Nezuko is powerful enough to go toe to toe with some of the most powerful demons in the series: the Twelve Kizuki. And not just any old Kizuki demon, but the highest ranking members of the organization. Some of these demons are ancient, and have been fighting and devouring demon hunters for centuries. Nezuko meanwhile, is a 12-year-old girl who has only been a demon for a few months. She was able to reach insane power levels through training alone. Now that is some Capricorn-level achievement right there. She is also the only demon around to be able to maintain a love for human beings, and fights on the side of humanity against the demonic hordes. Classic Capricorn mold-breaking. We’d expect nothing less.

Levi Ackerman

(image credit: Wit Studio)

Our collective anime boyfriend, Levi Ackerman, is one of the most popular (and lusted after) Capricorns in the history of anime. And it’s well deserved. A captain of the Scout Regiment, he is humanity’s greatest warrior. And when I say greatest I don’t mean that he’s marginally better or even much better than any of the other soldiers in the series. No, he outperforms every other soldier in the series by a factor of 10. 20 even. 300. A million. billion. 20 titans versus a squad of regular soldiers? That’s death. 20 titans versus Levi Ackerman. That’s a Wednesday for this guy. The only person who even holds a candle to this guy is Mikasa Ackerman, and not even she can take him on (but we all really want to see her try). Captain Levi is the definition of human achievement. He’s also got a slew of other Capricorn traits: he’s rational, logical, and somewhat detached. But try as he might, he can never detach himself from our hearts. He is true anime Capricorn husbando body pillow material. We love you Levi, call us back.


(image credit: Pierrot)

When Gaara was a kid, he was the exact opposite of a Capricorn. He was emotional, directionless, and needlessly cruel. The little bastard just loved killing people, and did it the nastiest way possible, by crushing them in coffins of sand. It makes sense though, he was ostracized by the rest of his village because he has a demon inside of him. And no, I don’t mean that metaphorically, I mean that literally. However, after receiving some TLC from Naruto and friends, Gaara changed into the most Capricorn of Capricorns that ever capped a corn. After getting himself under control, he became the leader of his village, and ascended to the rank of Sunekage. Throughout the rest of the series, he remains a calm, rational, and even compassionate leader. He’s someone the village can depend on. It’s an achievement to reach high rank and status, but it’s a real achievement to change. Props to you Gaara, we’re happy for you.

Utena Tenjo

(image credit: JC Staff)

Some people don’t think that Utena Tenjo from Revolutionary Girl Utena doesn’t embody the traits of a Capricorn because she’s too impulsive, but they can impulsively eat me, because Utena is the pinnacle of achievement. From episode one all she did was dunk on the boy’s basketball team and break the mold by wearing a boy’s uniform (better than any of the guys in the school ever could). She also managed to beat a trained duelist using a magically sharp sword with a broken practice sword. Why did she do it? To save a girl she barely knew from getting abused by one of the upperclassmen. She basically just waltzes into school and is just the best. Oh yeah, she has other amazing talents too. When her paramour, Anthy, got her dress ruined by an asshole girl at the school dance, Utena made her a beautiful white dress out of a tablecloth. And she did it in five seconds. Eat your heart out, Alexander McQueen. This girl is the highest achiever of all. But does she let it make her cold and stand-offish like many of the other characters on this list? Nope. She’s sweet as a fucking rose. A Capricorn legend. No cap.

Featured image credit: Studio Wit

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