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Upgrade Your Nintendo 3DS’s Sound With This Contraption


Of the variety of things one might find to complain about in regards to the Nintendo 3DS, the sound doesn’t immediately come to mind. It’s not great sound, mind, but there are a litany of things that are more obvious. Thanks to one intrepid inventor, however, you are now just a series of tubes, clips and metal funnels away from awesome sound.

Now, in order to figure out the exact combination of these things you’ll need to translate the instructions from Japanese. But if you’re the kind of person that will let something as simple as a language barrier keep you from a sweet set of speakers then perhaps you don’t deserve them.

But don’t let my proselytizing stand in the way of the real deal. Give a listen to the glory that is homemade speakers in this video:

Granted, it’s not the most elegant solution. I’d hate to try to play with these on, say, the subway or an airplane — assuming they’d even let you past security with these suckers. Surely someone could kill a man (or woman) with those metal funnels in some manner.

If you’re the kind of person that absolutely requires the loudest of sound then you’re not likely to care one way or the other. Rock on, friend. Rock on.

(via Tiny Cartridge, image credit via Minh Hoang)

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