3D Printed Kinetic Sculptures…That You Can Own!

We’ve written about Theo Jansen’s kinetic sculptures before, the mythically-named Strandbeests, seen creepily patrolling a windy beach in this video. Jansen has scaled down his work of creating terrifying, towering kinetic monsters, and is now bringing tiny terrifying monsters to life with the use of a 3D printer. If you just don’t have the patience the build your own Strandbeest, but have $105 to spare, Jansen and his new 3D printing press partner Shapeways will pump out a miniature Strandbeest just for you.

The price may seem steep, but the miniature beasts are made of 76 individual pieces, so think of the majority of that price tag as an assembly fee. If that doesn’t fly, think of the majority of that price tag as a “professionals built this and it won’t immediately break” fee. Head past the jump to see the miniature Strandbeests adorably scuttling across scenery and head to Theo Jansen’s shop if owning a beast is up your alley.

(via Hack A Day)

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