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Guy Fits 2,747 Toothpicks in Beard, Sad He Couldn’t Get to 3,000 [Video]

Because 2,000 toothpicks in his beard wasn’t enough, YouTube user beardpick attempts to shatter that record by shoving 3,000 toothpicks into his manly mane, which took him 16 months to grow. He doesn’t get to 3,000, stopping at 2,747 toothpicks, though he does amusingly shake the toothpicks out into the garbage when he’s done having 2,747 toothpicks all over the bottom portion of his face. The real recognition should go to his wife, however, as at the end of the video, she is credited for filming, meaning she allowed beardpick to get away with a 16-month-long beard.

(reddit via The Daily What)

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