Help Us Phoneticize the New Overused Movie Trailer Sound Effect

"Brwooooom" or "DOOooo"

Tired of hearing the Inception BWAHH” in every movie trailer? Well, Youtube user CinemaRaven looked a bunch of 2017 film trailers from Cars 3 to Wonder Woman to Child’s Play 7: Cult of Chucky and found a new overused sound effect, which is more of a “Brwooooooo.” Well, kinda. io9 spells it out as “<<<bwoooruuuummmmm>>>” and other variations include “DOOOoooo” and “Bwoooomm” Let us know what your best attempt at phoneticizing this noise looks like so I can stop trying to sound it out in an open office!

Even though we’ve been watching a lot of trailers, I didn’t notice how often this sound is being used. As many have pointed out, it’s not the first year editors have used the sound, but it’s definitely being used very heavy-handedly in this year’s movies. It’s not a bad way to punctuate really tense moments of action or horror, but now that it’s been pointed out I probably won’t be able to un-hear it next time I’m sitting through the trailers. Are you a fan of the new sound?

(via io9)

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