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Take A Bow, Gamers: 2010 Child’s Play Charity Sets New High Score

If this year is anything like years previous, donations to Child’s Play (and wandering, vagabond checks from friends of the initiative) aren’t actually finished arriving – but the new year is a good time to take a final count, and then relate said count to the people who made the count so stupidly, inconceivably big. $2,294,317.53 is the total, which ticks the lifetime total to just under nine million, which is what you made happen in my most secret dreams. If it is possible to Win Charity, you have done so. This year, at least. If you have any ideas about how we’re supposed to crest over 2.3 million dollars next year, I’m open to suggestions.”

Tycho Brahe, AKA Jerry Holkins, writer of Penny Arcade, reporting the total of this year’s Child’s Play charity, which brings games, toys, and craft supplies to pediatric hospitals around the world.

(via Penny Arcade.)

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