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Our 18 Favorite N64 Games to Celebrate the Nintendo 64’s 18th Birthday

"Get N or get gtfo." -Grown up Nintendo 64.

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The Nintendo 64 is 18 years old in North America today—old enough to vote, buy cigarettes, and fight in wars that don’t involve the PlayStation. So, let’s revisit a time when you weren’t old enough for any of those things with our 18 favorite Nintendo 64 games.

I’m of the firm opinion that a lot of Nitnendo’s franchises had their finest hour on the Nintendo 64. The leap for most games from 2D to 3D brought with it genre-defining editions that would be rehashed endlessly in sequels, efforts from other companies, and on future consoles, but never since have there been so many new gameplay ideas packed into one generation.

It was also the first mainstream console to use a thumbstick (though the PlayStation later added two and set that standard), which was a complete game-changer and made the entire control scheme of Smash Bros. even possible in the first place. The Wii was codenamed Revolution, but the Nintendo 64 fit that name so much better.

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