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Did We Just Find Out Who’s Playing the 12th Doctor?

With the announcement one day away, did the next Doctor just blow the reveal?

Doctor Who

Fans of Doctor Who are anxiously awaiting the big announcement by the BBC tomorrow about who will replace Matt Smith as the next Doctor. It won’t be official until the BBC says it is, but one young actor just tweeted a major hint that he might be the one taking over. So who is it?

Misha Collins.

Here’s the tweet:

Collins is probably best known for playing Castiel on Supernatural. He’s also American, which really brings this whole thing into question. Doctor Who has really taken off in the United States in the last few years, but we can’t imagine the BBC would cast an American as the Doctor. Maybe as the Master? Or K-9?

We’ll know for sure tomorrow at 2PM EST when the announcement is made.

There’s also a real chance that Collins is just trying to get some attention and that he’s no way involved with Who. Either way, this isn’t helping me stay calm until the announcement tomorrow.

(via Twitter, image via The BBC)

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