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This 2011 Calendar is a 12-Sided Die

Well, it’s January 1st, and you know what that means: we all need new calendars! And what could possibly be better than a calendar you can literally play D&D with.

Well, sort of.  Depending on your choice of editions, you might only need a twelve sided die to roll the damage on your great-axe, or to roll up hit points for your barbarian; and seriously, who rolls for hit points anyway?

And there’s the fact that once you construct this 3-inch papercraft dodecahedron with each month of 2011 printed on a side, it probably won’t be a truly random die.

That could be good news or bad news, actually.

Craft Meister is offering a free template for the calendars in 10 different patterns, and in sets that start the week on Sunday as well as Saturday.  All of the printable templates can be found here; instructions on how to put it together as well as tips on what kind of paper to use and how to varnish it can be found here.

And who knows?  If you’re nice enough to your d12 calendar, maybe your d12 will stop crying itself to sleep at night.

(via Craft Meister via Nerdvana)

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