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100 Years of Hair and Makeup Part 2, Featuring Hairstyles For Black Women


Early last month we showed you all a video featuring popular hairstyles for each decade of the 20th century, and at the time, we were kind of hoping they would do more for different kinds of people in the future. Now Cut Video has made our hope a reality with this new video; it’s the same “100 years in 1 minute” format, but with a specific focus on the sort of looks that were popular for black women.

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Personally I found this video a lot more interesting than the first one—partly because I’m a white lady who’s a lot more familiar with the way my own hair can be styled, and partly because the looks that Marshay models here felt just a bit more accurate than the styles in the original video (some of our commenters pointed out that the ’40s victory rolls seemed more like a modern take on the look rather than a period specific one, for example).

There’s also a comparison video that shows the two models side by side:

In the Youtube comments, Cut Video claims that they’re also working on male versions of the format as well. I am excited to see some finger waves, y’all. What else would you like to see from this series?

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