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100 Bullets to Be Showtime Series

Cautiously Optimistic

Add another to the list of comic book sources that have a television adaptation in the works or ongoing (along with The Walking Dead, Chew and Powers), for Warner Bros. TV and David S. Goyer are producing the series for Showtime.

The latter will also be writing the series. Yes, David S. Goyer. Co-writer of The Dark Knight, Batman Begins and the putative The Dark Knight Rises and the Superman reboot.

100 Bullets ran ongoing for ten years, finishing up in 2009, at at the beginning of its story, anyway, it’s about a mysterious man known as Agent Graves who approaches a wide array of people with the same proposition:

They have problems, and their problems all have a single source. That source is a person, and Graves provides them both with the identity of that person and one hundred untraceable bullets. So untraceable, in fact, that should a criminal investigation find one of them in connection with a crime they will immediately stop investigating it. Killing the cause of their problems won’t actually end their problems, instead Graves appears to be performing experiments purely about the effects of revenge on the avenging parties.

The story spirals out from there to broad conspiracy theory, masonic organizations and the threat of mass murder, so, you know, the usual. We figure this is probably something Goyer can handle.

Showtime also recently acquired the rights to Chew, a somewhat more comedic title, so this is their second possible comic inspired ongoing series.

(Deadline via MTV Splashpage.)

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