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When Is the Next Avengers Movie? Well, Funny You Should Ask …

Tony Stark hugs Peter Parker in Marvel's Avengers: Endgame.

We know a bit about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s plans for the future, but we’d gotten the impression that any future big team-up movies were far off on the horizon. And we weren’t exactly wrong. Trinh Tran, who helped produce both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame (who is also working on the Hawkeye series for Disney+), expressed our deepest fears by stating that the next time we’d see a movie on the level of Endgame would probably be in roughly ten years. Can’t wait to be going through my midlife crisis while still watching an Avengers movie.

Talking with Cinemablend, Tran drove home the fact that Marvel was going to be focusing on getting Phase 4 up and running, which I guess makes sense, since they just finished a giant ten-year run:

Our focus right now is to make sure that the titles that we’ve released in Phase 4… obviously those stories are going to be new, exciting, different and can connect with the audience like the other movies have been. Over 10 years ago, it’s always been our dream to get to ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’ level. We didn’t know obviously where that was going to go at the start of the studio, but it’s incredible to know that we were able to accomplish that. Now it’d be amazing if we could get to that level 10 years later, so I think it’s a dream to continue doing that and build upon the MCU and the connective tissue that we have. And now with obviously our Disney+ side and the shows and how our characters are venturing into that world and how that’s gonna lead to the future and more franchises and more stories and more properties and their connective tissue to the rest of the MCU, it would be amazing to do something like this 10 years later.

There is a part of me that understands why. We had 4 years between Iron Man and The Avengers (2008-2012), but then again, that was just setting up the team.

But what I want to know is whether Tran’s comment means that there will be no team-up movies at all? Sure, a movie at the level of Endgame comes with years of story preparation and interweaving storylines from all of our favorite characters, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait that long for any sort of team-up movie. Can’t the Young Avengers or A-Force come in to fill our Avengers-loving hearts?

Whatever ends up coming out of the future of the MCU, I can’t wait to be nearing my 40th birthday and waiting for a new Avengers movie. Will the MCU ever stop? Personally, I hope not, but in the minds of the older directors being asked their opinions on the MCU, they’re probably crying over the idea of another ten years.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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