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10 Things We Want to See in ‘Loki’ Season 2

Sorcery! Time travel! Variants! JET SKIS!

Tom Hiddleston in a cut scene as King Loki on 'Loki'

Season 2 of Loki started filming this week, with Tom Hiddleston promising an even more chaotic and turbulent God of Mischief in the series’s next installment. When we last left off in season 1, Sylvie unleashed the multiverse by killing He Who Remains (AKA Kang the Conquerer). She also jettisoned Loki into an alternate version of the TVA, where no one knew who he was. Meanwhile, He Who Remains warned the two tricksters that he would essentially be reincarnated once the timelines started to diverge, and the final shot of the season revealed that the giant statue of the Time Keepers had been replaced with a statue of Kang.

That’s a pretty massive cliffhanger, but so far, we know absolutely nothing about what season 2 will hold. While we comb the internet for leaks and set photos, here are 10 things we hope we’ll see in season 2.

1. Loki in His Agent of Asgard Clothes

Loki: Agent of Asgard - The Complete Collection
(image: Marvel)

In the Marvel comics world, Loki’s outfit is iconic: the genderfluid trickster wears a fur-lined green coat with armor underneath, fingerless gloves with black nail polish, and, of course, their horned helmet. Near the end of the Agent of Asgard run, Loki’s costume evolved when they became the God of Stories, with the coat becoming tattered at the ends and Loki’s appearance taking on a more vagabond-like look befitting a trickster.

Over the years, the MCU has taken inspiration from Loki’s comics costume, with Loki sometimes sporting a long sleeveless coat instead of a cape, but wouldn’t it be great if Loki went full Agent of Asgard for season 2? After all, the end of season 1 left his TVA uniform ripped and dirty, so his first order of business in season 2 will probably be changing his clothes. We want to see the fur-lined coat and the black nail polish. We want to see Loki don his horns again and explore what it means to be a trickster.

2. Loki Leveling Up His Sorcery

In episode 5 of season 1, Classic Loki remarks that relying on daggers in a fight stunts the potential of Loki’s sorcery. Then, at the end of that episode, Loki and Sylvie get a glimpse of how powerful they can be when Classic Loki casts a huge illusion of Asgard to distract Alioth. It’s clear that Loki’s magic has a lot of possibilities that he hasn’t discovered yet.

Throughout season 1, fans complained that Loki seemed underpowered, even in situations in which he had access to his magic. Why, for example, are ordinary humans able to overpower him in the train on Lamentis? Season 2 could see Loki really delving into his magical potential, teaching himself the sorcery that he’s seen his variants perform, and emerging as the badass we all know he is.

3. Mobius’s Love Affair with Jet Skis

Here’s my hot take: I’m not sure I want to see Mobius actually riding a jet ski. Or, if we do see it, I want it portrayed in a way that isn’t a letdown after all the hype. The romantic tension between Mobius and jet skis is so fun to watch that season 2 should have plenty of it … but they need to be very careful not to deflate it with a cheap payoff.

4. More of Loki and Mobius’s Chemistry

image: Marvel

Speaking of Mobius and romance, I think we can all agree that season 2 needs to have plenty of Loki and Mobius’s verbal tennis matches. The chemistry between Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson was crackling in season 1, and their odd-couple vibe was one of the best things about the series. Plus, their evolving relationship and mutual positive influences on each other were genuinely moving to watch. At the end of season 1, they both find a kind of freedom—Mobius from the TVA’s brainwashing and Loki from his TVA-enforced cycle of villainy and self-sabotage—and they owe that freedom to each other.

Of course, to resume their friendship, Loki and Mobius have to find each other again. In the season finale, we see Mobius and Hunter B-15 looking at the branching timeline and reassuring themselves about their decision to turn their backs on the TVA. Then, Loki gets spit out into a different TVA, where Mobius has no idea who he is. The two scenes demonstrate that “our” Mobius is still out there somewhere, but it’s also possible that the new Mobius and Loki will have to work together.

5. Sylvie Smashing Things Up

When we last left Sylvie, she was in the Citadel at the End of Time, coming to terms with having finally accomplished her life’s purpose of taking down the TVA. Will she be able to find Loki out in the multiverse? Does she even want to? Sylvie is a complicated and volatile character (and Sophia di Martino just won an MTV Award for her work in the role!) so wherever she heads next, she’s sure to cause trouble. We want to see what the Goddess of Mischief gets up to when she finally has some free time.

6. Loki Being Unabashedly Queer

Loki coming out as bisexual in season 1 was an important moment for queer representation in the MCU, but as the cast and crew themselves have acknowledged, it’s only a first step. In the comics, Loki’s queerness and gender fluidity are a core aspect of their character, and it’d be lovely if the Disney Plus series explored that territory more. In fact, it would make a lot of sense, character-wise: now that Loki has met multiple variants of himself, learned about some of the possible paths his life could have taken out in the multiverse, and is a free agent, he might be able to explore parts of his identity that he didn’t have the space to consider before.

Plus, we’ve recently gotten to see a playful and flirtatious side of Loki that never came out in the early Thor films or The Avengers. Who knew Loki could get a whole trainful of people singing an Asgardian drinking song on Lamentis? How about the look we got at the cheerful and popular Jotun Loki in What If…?‘s “Party Thor” episode? Now that we’ve seen those layers of his personality, I want to watch him flirt with everyone in sight.

7. Lots of Time-Hopping Shenanigans

An early report from The Hollywood Reporter claimed that the plot of Loki would “follow Loki as the trickster and shapeshifter pops up throughout human history as unlikely influencer on historical events.” Although Marvel didn’t confirm or deny that rumor, the shots in the trailer of Loki at Pompeii and Loki as D.B. Cooper seemed to confirm that that would be the main thrust of the show.

As we know, the series ended up being something very different, with Loki teaming up with Mobius to catch Sylvie. That plot arc was great and took Loki to some really fascinating places, but I think we’d all love to see the God of Mischief steal a TemPad and go skipping through history, bringing glorious chaos wherever he goes.

8. More TVA Weirdness

The Mad Men meets Brazil meets Kafka atmosphere of the Time Variance Authority was one of the funniest parts of season 1. Now Loki apparently has not just one, but an infinite number of TVAs to deal with, and that’s an opportunity for Marvel to go even harder with the TVA’s weirdness. What depths of topsy-turvy bureaucracy have we not seen yet? Is there really a nightmare department? How does the TVA function under Kang’s leadership when he’s not hiding behind the Time Keepers? And where did Ravonna go when she stepped through that time door!? With the whole cast coming back, we’re sure to see new aspects of the TVA.

9. Lots of Variants

Mobius variants! Sylvie variants! Yet more Loki variants! The possibilities are endless. Will we get to see Mobius’s life before the TVA? Or maybe a live-action Jotun Loki? Obviously the show shouldn’t get repetitive with its use of variants to advance the plot, but a huge part of the fun of the multiverse is seeing familiar characters confront alternate versions of themselves.

10. A Thor and Loki Reunion

Chris Hemsworth as Thor reaches for his hammer next to Tom Hiddleston as Loki in 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Okay, so maybe this doesn’t need to happen in Loki season 2—and who knows, maybe it’ll happen in Thor: Love and Thunder!—but what fans want to see above all else is a reunion of the brothers Odinson. Both brothers have gone through tremendous changes since the last time we saw them together. Thor spent years struggling with the guilt of not having been able to kill Thanos before the snap, and he’s now on a quest to discover who he truly is. Loki has discovered how much his family loved him, and he’s now determined to leave his villainous days behind him. We need to get these two back together!

What are you hoping to see in Loki season 2? Do you have any theories or headcanon ideas that you’d love to see in the show? Sound off in the comments!

(image: Marvel)

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