10 Awesome Real-Life Video Game Parodies

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There’s something about gaming mechanics that inspires the stickler and the parodist in us all, which is why real-life video game parodies so tickle our fancy and the fancy of gamers. Maybe it’s because — for older games, anyway — we know they can be silly, but want to believe in them and the worlds they represent? (see: Super Mario; Donkey Kong; classic RPGs.) Maybe it’s because we need to reassure ourselves that, for all the time we play them, they’re not actually real? (See: Grand Theft Auto; WoW; The Sims.)

After the jump ten of our favorite real-life parodies of video games:Shoot us a comment if we’ve missed anything big.

In no particular order:

1. Mario Kart IRL (via Remi Galliard)

2. RPG Heroes are Jerks (CollegeHumor)

3. Resident Evil 4 IRL (from the random merchant’s point of view! via Mega64.)

4. Real-Life Donkey Kong (the video quality is not that good, but this is a spectacular feat of engineering. via YouTube.)

5. Grand Theft Auto IRL (via Jasonkapedia.)

6. The Sims in Real Life (Forkastelig TV via Reddit)

7. Metal Gear Solid IRL (technically a fake movie trailer, but too inspired not to include; created by a group of Taiwanese students. via TechEBlog.)

8. World of Warcraft IRL (via YouTube)

9. Counter-Struck: real life parody of Counterstrike (via JinRoh’s YouTube page)

10. Super Mario Bros. 3 IRL (via Mega64. This is incredibly simple and consists of a guy hopping around in Kuribo’s Shoe, but I cannot stop watching it. –Ed.)

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