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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Nerdy Proposal at GeekGirlCon

We’re major sucker for con proposals. This weekend at Geek Girl Con (which our own Susana and Jill attended), it was Cierra, who proposed to her boyfriend (now fiancé) Gahan. She proposed with a custom Magic: The Gathering “Rings Of Brightearth” card, the bottom of which said “Will you Marry Me?” (When Geeks Wed)

We don’t usually feature things from Maxim here, but this editorial with Adam Scott is kind of hilarious and makes us really miss Parks and Recreation and Adam Scott’s face. (Tom and Lorenzo)

  • This chair was designed to make horror movies more frightening by sending mild electrical charges through you just enough to raise your hair. (Neatorama)

In the study, three volunteers were suddenly blasted with an alarm while sitting in the Chilly Chair, while three heard the alarm without the effects of the Chilly Chair. Fukushima measured all six volunteers’ skin conductance reactions, an electrical property of the skin that’s known to change with fear and surprise. He found that Chilly Chair users showed stronger reactions. Chilly Chair users also rated their own surprise as higher.

These people created a Lost Dharma Initiative-themed nursery for their child, because every parent loves to imagine their child in the middle of a death island. (In all honesty, though, it’s adorable) (Look at This Frakking Geekster)

Of course you want this Cthulu purse. Of course you do. (io9)

Her Universe, self-described as “a clothing line featuring fashionable, feminine products for fangirls,” will be debuting a Mara Jade T-shirt at Star Wars Celebration VI next week. It was designed by Cat Staggs. (Geek Femme)

Wonder what Batman would look like s Catman? Wonder no more! Go here for your own tutorial. (Gail Simone)

  • Hugh Jackman has gone on record saying the Wolverine is going to be nothing like X-Men: Origins. (Blastr)

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  • jraff

    Dharma Nursery: What were they thinking? Don’t they remember that all the kids die on the Island?

  • Abel Undercity

    Electric horror movie chairs? It’s been done, and done back in 1959 with Vincent Price.

  • kayla sullivan

    In my own little world, Adam Scott is David Tennant’s little brother. Same awesome hair, same crazy eyebrow skills. I suspect Scott can also rock the long coat look. Don’t tell me it isn’t true. 

  • Smoke Tetsu

    About the proposal up top… I love when people do that sort of reversal especially when it’s unexpected.

  • Anonymous

    There was a proposal at Chicago Comic-Con this weekend too. A guy proposed to his girlfriend at the Buffy panel.

  • Anonymous

    I was actually in the audience at the Nerdprov event where the proposal happened.  Since it was the guy’s birthday, they set the whole thing up as a birthday gift she’d arranged for him; I assume the idea was to make the setup less suspicious.

    Either way, it was nicely done. :)

  • Aaron Treat

    I like it too, but it bothers me that in this day and age, a woman proposing to a man is still considered a “reversal”. I’m not saying you think that, but society certainly does and it’s annoying.

  • Anna Daniell

    Sorry, double post.

  • Anna Daniell

    The Tingler!
    I love William Castle’s gimmicks. I took a class called “Trash Cinema” and we talked about him a lot.

  • Smoke Tetsu

    Well I can see how society would I mean… I don’t think this sort of thing happens very often and many if not most people I know would say they think marriage proposals are a man’s job or a tradition that only a man should do. Hell, many people still think the man is the one who needs to do the first move in finding someone in the first place. The man has to be the one to get the phone number, ask the girl out on a date, etc.

    There’s still a lot of double standards that are a part of society at large in general it seems to me.