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Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Tom Hiddleston’s Choice for Lady Loki Is Pretty Much Perfect

“Oh that’s a good question. We know that in the comics he comes back in the body of Sif. So I say the first obvious port of call is Jaimie Alexander.” — Tom Hiddleston, asked what actress he’d choose to play a female Loki.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here luxuriating in the perfection of that mental image.

(via: ComicBookMovie)

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  • Anonymous

    At some point in my life I would love to cosplay Lady Loki ♥ *stares dreamily off into the distance*

  • Janna

    Also why Elizabeth Olsen is a weird choice for the Scarlet Witch.

  • Victoria McNally

    “We know that in the comics” might just be the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard Hiddleston say.

  • Janna

    And we know via twitter that he met Young Avengers artist Jamie McKelvie yesterday!

  • Elwyne

    Tom Hiddleston is pretty much perfect. :)

  • THinceeng9641

    Jamie McKelvie yesterday!

  • Matt Graham

    She’s a good actress, but she’ll really have to win me over, as I don’t see Wanda in her at all.

  • LifeLessons

    Love this idea!!! Yes please.

  • Anonymous

    Yeeeeesssss. Also, rumor has it she wasn’t invited to the premier last night? Anyone know anything about that?

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    Well none of the Warriors 4, Rene Russo, or Sir Anthony Hopkins were there, either. Hopefully they will be at the US premiere.

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    And this is how I would watch a Loki solo movie.

  • jrd

    I would not want a lady loki Id prefer Tom to be Loki period.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, that casting had nothing to do with finding the perfect actress for Scarlet Witch. It was all about getting a young up-and-coming actress into a multi movie deal so that when she hit’s big, people will know her from the Marvel films.

    They’d have picked her (or maybe one of a small handful of other actress in a similar career position) no matter what female superhero was written into the Avengers sequel.

  • Anonymous

    SHE is burdened with glorious purpose.

  • Michael Singer

    He wrote a fan letter to Kieron Gillen praising his Journey into Mystery run with Kid Loki. Also, Jaimie Alexander looks A LOT like how female Loki looked in the comics.

  • Michael Singer

    Elizabeth Olsen wasn’t anywhere near the top of my list of choices to play Scarlet Witch. However, the more that I thought about it, the more that I kept thinking “this is inspired casting.” I love the choice.

  • TKS

    I think it probably had to do with BOTH finding an up-and-comer AND casting a good Scarlett Witch. I think all casting is a balancing act.

  • Matt Graham

    I don’t agree with that, but I work in the comic and film industries, so maybe I’m numb/apologetic to that line of thought.

    The fan in me has to think they made a genuine effort and that Elizabeth put in a good show as Wanda. Is the Wanda we see in the film even going to be like the Wanda I know from the comics? That’s another angle. I can tell you I never would have said, “Yeah! Scarlett for Natasha!”, but after IM2 I said, “Damn, she did okay.” And that’s not the Natasha I know from DD, but for an Avengers movie, good show.

  • Matt Graham

    I adore her.

  • Thomas Hayes

    We can’t know until we see it, let’s be honest. We can only be confident the casting is bad in hindsight.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I’m sure she was fantastic when she auditioned and she’ll be great in the film. After Martha Marcy May Marlene I’m pretty much sold on anything Elizabeth Olsen does. I’m not saying they would have hired her if she was bad. Just that she fits the profile.

  • Anonymous

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  • Matt Graham

    I see where you’re coming from.

    Speaking of actresses, what did you think of the potential Emily Blunt as Widow way back when?

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Dooo eeeet.

  • Jason Atkins

    I’d rather see Katie McGrath as Enchantress. Partly, that’s because I desperately want to see Enchantress show up soon… but she looks great as a blonde, and her portrayal of Morgana has all of the false propriety, manipulation, and underlying rage that Amora needs.

    I have my fingers crossed that Thor 3 will focus on Surtur (and his alliance with Malekith and Loki), and that Amora will be the emissary that recruits Loki for nefariousness.

  • Jason Rye

    Also helps that Loki’s bodyjacked female body was supposed to be Sif’s in the first place.

  • Jason Rye

    Which goes to show Tom knows his Thor comics well, given Lady Loki’s body was/is Sif’s.

  • Anonymous

    Lady Loki should be tall. Also that breast plate armor would kill her if she were thrown around during a fight.

  • Anonymous

    And the worst part is that her body armor isn’t nearly as bad as most of what gets used for women in the movies!!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, accuracy wouldn’t kill them! She is beautiful AND she ought to wear realistic armor.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I wasn’t arguing with you!!