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Unused Concept Art Shows Thor 2 Almost Introduced Valkyrie

Concept Artist Josh Nizzi shared a number of unused art he produced for Thor: The Dark World, and among them are three progress shots of Valkyrie, or at the very least, a Valkyrie. While Vaklyrie is a superhero with a long history in the Marvel universe, and many incarnations within mortal women, she first appeared as about as literal a straw feminist as you can get: an pawn of the Enchantress created to divide the Avengers along gender lines by encouraging the Wasp, Medusa, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch to embrace women’s lib. In retrospect, I assumed the issue would be kind of painful to read, but it turns out there’s no better response than laughter to the existence of a comic in which someone smashes through a window and yells “UP AGAINST THE WALL, MALE CHAUVINIST PIG” at the Hulk. That’s a line that’s really lost on any color of Hulk except perhaps this one.

It’s a pity Valkyrie (or a Valkyrie, or the Valkyries, I’m not picky) didn’t get her debut in The Dark World, but really the movie had enough on its plate already. Maybe next time. You can find two more pieces of concept art, including one with her winged horse Aragorn, at Nizzi’s page.

(Josh Nizzi via io9.)

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  • Anonymous

    I’m glad she didn’t get introduced in Thor 2; she would’ve gotten lost in the mix (even the previously-established Sif and the Warriors Three got sidelined), and I’d like to see much more attention paid to Valkyrie.

  • locuas

    Just a theory here, but it would be interesting if Valkyire is sort of THor’s replacement in the third one after thor left asgard. Also, it is always fun to note how one dimensional pletny of comicbook characters could get when introduced.

  • Anonymous

    That would be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    As disappointed as I was to learn this, I felt Thor 2 made pretty poor use of most of its characters. They made it so much into “The Loki Show & Friends” that most of the returning characters from the first film got really shortchanged in terms of screen time (save for Heimdall maybe. Because you don’t shortchange Idris Effin’ Elba).

    So on one hand Valkyrie would’ve been awesome. On the other, I suspect it would’ve been little more than a glorified cameo. Those wings look awesome though.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…Maybe she can show up in Lady Sif: Warrior Maiden.

  • Anonymous

    The women in the picture looks a bit like Tabrett Bethell (Legend of Seeker).

  • Anonymous

    I guess my concern is in a movie called “Thor” how much time should be dedicated to characters who are not Thor when you only have 120 minutes to tell the story.

    I like Sif, but when you go from serial story telling to a single story, there is no way to provide very good focus on more then 2 or 3 characters. And the villain steals 1 on those slots.

  • Anonymous

    I think Tabrett could make for an amazing Valkyrie.

  • John W

    Man we could have been one step closer to a Defenders movie….

  • Emily Neenan

    Please tell me where to send my money to make this happen.

  • Anonymous

    Peggy Carter Production, Inc.

  • Emily Neenan

    Can we get Enchantress to send someone to Hollywood to make, say, all the older white men into ardent feminists? Her powers work better on sexist men anyway, and that would solve our problems! I predict a rather chaotic adjustment period, but then we’ll get our Black Widow spy thrillers and our Wonder Woman blockbusters and people will say things like “Gravity was the first in a trend of original sci-fi and science-based female-led movies” and “The Oscars have settled into a trend where half of the director nominees are female” and “Why didn’t we cash in on all this female nerd money sooner?”

  • totz the plaid

    I don’t like the breast window, but aside from that, I prefer this design for her:

    The color scheme is much closer to her comic self.

  • Eve

    I have mixed feelings about Jane and Thor’s romance. It’s kind of like cotton candy for me: it tastes good in the moment, but melts away almost instantly and all I’m left with is a rumbling stomach. Now, a Thor/Valkyrie romance could be really neat.

  • Anonymous

    We almost had Vaklyrie….? D: OH, that would have been fantastic…but it probably makes sense, holding off on introducing her. She would’ve gotten lost in the movie, which, as much as I did love it, did shove a lot of its characters to the side (poor Hogun, aka sir not appearing in this movie). I get why they did it, it did streamline things (in my opinion, anyway), but…Ah well.

    …I still think we should get a Sif movie, or at the very least, a short. Maybe Vaklyrie could make her grand debut there.