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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Futurama Meets Avatar (The Last Air-Bender)

I happen to have a faux-Nike desktop on my desktop featuring the above leaping robot over the perfectly-fonted label of Airbender, but it even took me a moment to understand where Aang was in this picture. (Comic Book Resources)

  • Speaking of Avatar, The Promise, a graphic novel that bridges the gap between Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, came out yesterday! It’s written by a fan who came to the attention of the show’s creators through his protest against the white-washing of the movie adaptation, so you should pick it up if only as an example both of fandom getting you places in life and of the success of fan activists. Check out a preview at Comic Book Resources.

Dan Hipp loves crossovers. So do we. (MISTERHIPP)

These are what all of the Fellowship minifigs for the upcoming Lord of the Rings Lego sets will look like (Topless Robot):

BUT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT LotR. Welcome to Texts From Middle-Earth.


This is the back of Tom Hardy’s head, while on set as Bane. I wonder if the front of it shows this kind of scarring. (The HD Room)

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  • Kaarel Jakobson

    Keep in mind, the fan the creators of Avatar snatched to write that comic WAS still in industry professional.

  • Bel

    And thank God for that.

  • Kate Reynolds

    So…where’s the Gimli Lego?

  • Linda Lupos

    Right next to the Hobbits, on the left. :)

  • Jessica Senning

    Standing in front of Legolas :) He blends in!

  • Frodo Baggins

    They got my expression wrong. My eyebrows should be raised and pinched, like they are in 80% of the series.

  • Anonymous

    I missed him, too…

  • Julie Allen

    ok, hopelessly love the little Lego Pippin…Wonder if they’re going to make a Lego Eowyn and Faramir and Nazgul

  • CatRocketship

    AHHHHHHHH scooped up Book 1 of The Promise. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Batmans expression at the bottom of Dan Hipp’s crossover is lulz!!