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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A TARDIS Big Enough For An Engagement Ring

The real question is, are we looking at a tiny box…or a giant engagement ring? (via When Geeks Wed

  • Check out some Mad Men nail art at The Frisky!
  • Marvel has cancelled Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but will be rolling out another Avengers cartoon next year titled Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. Could this have something to do with the Disney/Marvel merger and consolidating their efforts? Probably. (via Newsarama)
  • In related news, Samuel L. Jackson is going to be in the Robocop remake. (via MTV)

Aria Heller created a Tumblr named Boggle Loves You starring Boggle the Owl. He helps you feel better when you’re feeling blue. This is clearly adorable. (via Comics Alliance)

  • Also adorable? Using tennis balls to hold just about anything in your house. (via Lifehacker)
  • Genesys is holding a contest for the launch of their new table top RPG hitting stores this year. ”We are looking for nine strong, game savvy ladies with mad table top skills to cast as representatives of the lead roles [of the Nine Fates],” they write. “The winners of the 1 of the 9 Contest will not only have the best job ever but also free attendance to events such as Gen Con, Dragon Con and our own Fable Streams VIP Launch events in a one year contract with Fable Streams, parent company of Genesys, as 1 of the 9 Fates.” Check out more details on their website.
  • Yeaaaaaah, why do people hate Black Widow so much? (via Fempop)

Quantum Mechanix has some delightful new Battlestar Galactica offerings. Viper and Raider plush toys! $11.95 each or  $19.95 for the pair.

  • This guy thought it would be funny to dress like a zombie to scare his friends. Instead, he almost got shot. (via Blastr)
  • The web series we previously showed you a trailer for, Auror’s Tale, has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the rest of the series.
  • Surprise! Most games geared toward young girls don’t teach valuable life lessons. Buzzfeed has a rundown of a few of the worst.

This is a still from the latest Arrow trailer from the CW. Yup, that looks like the villain Deathstroke’s mask to me. Oh, happy day! (via Alan Kistler)

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  • Riviera

    I’ve got no idea why there’s so much negativity around Black Widow. I just saw Avengers the other day and I thought she was badass. There weren’t any fanservicey moments that I can remember, and she was both a well-rounded and competent character. What more could anyone ask for?

  • John Wao

    I don’t think people have a problem with Black Widow per se as much as they have a problem with Scarlett Johansson. I don’t know why I think she did a good job as BW.

    Did anyone else look at that TARDIS ring box and say Coooool. Oh and the ring looks nice too.

  • TKS

    Until I read the article I had no idea how someone could dislike Black Widow’s character.  I thought she was awesome.  But the linked article makes a good point…

    I’m not going to say what it is, read the thing.

  • Cristina Marie

    The reason for people disliking Black Widow is probably jealousy. She’s hot. She’s a badass. Men love her. Scarlett is a beautiful, and talented actress. There is no real reason to dislike her unless you’re a very insecure person.
    The fact that anyone could “dislike” a person they’ve never met is beyond my understanding anyways.

  • Michelle Fitzgerald

    Why does Deathstroke’s mask have scowly lines? Did he actually make the mask and go ‘Hummm… NAH the brow doesn’t say ‘scowl!’ enough!’

  • Michelle Fitzgerald

    I think the ‘they’re just jealous’ thing might work if the majority of the people who have been complaining about her haven’t been male. Women mostly seem to really like her! It’s the men I keep hearing calling her nothing but ‘eye candy’ and ‘useless to the story other then as a pair of tits’.

  • frontals moments

    This guy thought it would be funny to dress like a zombie to scare his friends. Instead, he almost got shot.

  • Cristina Marie

    Maybe that’s your personal experience, but not mine. I have yet to hear one of my male friends/acquaintances say one negative thing about her. It’s always women who have the problem.
    I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m just saying how it is for me and other friends that I’ve already had this conversation with.