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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Lost-Themed Nursery

Yes, this is a Lost-themed nursery, created by M&J Collection. See more at Home & Hues’ list of The Best Geek-Themed Baby Nurseries And Nursery Decorations.

  • Give a listen to NPR’s piece on Melissa Anelli, author of Harry, [as in Potter] A History and a victim of cyberstalking for over five years.
  • Heidi MacDonald of The Beat calls Disney on their treatment of Bill Mantlo, co-creator of Rocket Raccoon, who was institutionalized following a 1992 accident that left him with irreversible brain damage. He receives no royalties.

Attack on Titan… underwear? Crunchyroll has pics of more upcoming merch, including a Levi sleep mask and Survey Corps booze. (Japanator)

  • CBR has an interview with Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis, writers of Lumberjanes.
  • Will Brent Spiner be in Star Wars Rebels? (blastr)
  • Billboard reports that since the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer came out online sales of “Hooked On a Feeling” have increased by about 700%. Ooga chaka! Go watch that trailer again.

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  • Janna

    Um, that is clearly an expensive store-bought crib and not a handmade cradle with a dead squirrel, so points deducted.

  • Dora Breckinridge

    Why no Titan undies for us ladies? I want the big scary grinning titan right over my lady-bits. It would make the best reveal for my husband after whipping off a sexy negligee.

  • John W

    For those so inclined you can donate to Bill Mantlo through Paypal via Greg Pak’s web page:

  • Lucine

    And it was so sweet, I got sent a thank you email after donating. I know it’s probably just a generic form one, but I didn’t expect, nor need, even that and it just made me smile.

  • Lucine

    The fact that Marvel is actually giving the creators some money makes me love them all the more.