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The Walking Dead Recap, 4×8: “Too Far Gone”

I understand that something happened on The Walking Dead last night and you might want a recap and a place to discuss it and so we offer you this one written by Geekosystem‘s own Victoria, and our comments section.

Last time on The Walking Dead: the Governor has a new set of pawns (get it because CHESS and SYMBOLISM) to go throw at the characters we actually care about. Except Carol, of course. Miss u, boo.

“I have to talk all of you into doing something,” the Governor is saying to his  camp. Specifically, he has to talk them into waging war against the prison so he can get revenge they can take over the land. But why wouldn’t they just ask to share? Because the Governor pins that raided camp on the prison gang so all his new recruits can feel like they have the moral high ground. Except they kinda don’t, because the Governor totally already captured Michonne and Hershel. Tara is initially unimpressed, it’s worth noting.

The Governor thinks he can pull this off without actually killing anyone. Sure, that’s cute. Of course he’s only saying that to appease his people, and as the credits roll in, he all but confirms this by saying that they do need to be prepared to kill people. After all, most of them are totally horrible thieves and murderers, which the Governor would totally know — he met them at the last place he lived, and they burned his camp, poked his eye out, and killed his daughter. He neglects to mention that his daughter was already kinda dead at the time and also he was a raging psychopath, but you know how those little details sometimes get lost in the retelling. Everybody’s done that, right?

I’ll say this though: the governor is really good at making speeches. Heck, I was almost kind of rooting for this stupid non-Michonne camp for a second.

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  • Fisty

    Best episode.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    The big death was sad. The empty bloodied carseat at the end absolutely DESTROYED me. It was genuinely traumatizing for reasons I don’t wish to share.

  • Jamie Jeans

    Welp… they had two gay characters on the show. Guess that was one too many…

    Good forward thinking by Carol though.

  • Anonymous

    I was kind of hoping that Maggie would have been the one to do the honours on the governor. It was her that he assaulted at Woodbury, it was her whose loved one he beheaded outside the prison. Just seemed like the appropriate resolution to that plot.

    I’m in two minds about the future of the show now. Having a main antagonist actually seemed to give the show a bit of oomph in season 3 and 4 (so far). In the comics it’s a long time until someone else comes along to fill the gap, so what happens now? Shorter conflicts that change from episode to episode or are they going to slow down to a crawl as the survivors regroup.

  • Bam Bunting

    I have this nice optimistic assumption that Michonne picked up Judith and fashioned her a post apocalyptic baby bjorn and in February I can look forward to her making zombie dicing even cooler looking.

  • Robin S

    I feel like this was the fight we should have had at the end of last season.

  • Ryan Colson

    It wasn’t that long considering Gov was third season. They can fill up a couple seasons with Abe, the herd, Alexandria, no way out, and the likely fact Carol was covering for Liz and or Mika, and possibly getting Morgan. Savior time is quick if they do those.

  • Ryan Colson

    It was a top five for me but I’ll stick to Clear and Pilot for now. It was frustrating they avoided delicious drama by Daryl and Rick. I was expecting a minor brawl at least… but the last twenty minutes did it.

  • Anonymous

    Judith was killed at this point in the comics (and in a pretty horrific way). I’m assuming she’s not dead in the show, though, since you can’t kill a baby on network tv.

  • Anonymous

    Clear is my hands down favorite episode.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m being optomistic, or TWD is just clever than me at expectations/outcomes…. but I feel the fact they showed the interior of the baby carrier means Judith ISN’T dead.

    What I mean is, if the shot had gone like this I would have bought it: Rick and Carl go and look into the carrier and stagger back in horror. We don’t see what’s in there but from the characters’ reactions guess it’s enough to prove that the baby is dead.

    But we what was in there and it was just a pool of blood. Sure, maybe showing the half-eaten remains of an infant is a bit much even for TWD, but it seems intentionally inconclusive that there was just blood. That could have come from lots of places.

    If she’s not dead, either one of our heroes grabbed her and ran (and may or may not be on the bus), or the nice ponytail lady from the bad guys party found her – or even the mother of Megan. OR it could be a dangled carrot – we expect Judith to turn out to be alive but when Rick finally catches up with all parties she’s confirmed dead…