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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


om nom nom

ViHart Tries to Bake Cookies, Only Bakes Math

MATH, I said MATH. And anyway, you cook… never mind.

Mathy-lady ViHart got together with mathy friends Andrea Hawksley, and Gwen and Ruth Fisher, and tried to make shortbread cookies without demonstrating any higher geometry concepts. They failed, but it was a delicious failure.

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Offered Without Comment

ViHart Explains How to Use Toothpaste

Watch this informative and useful guide to an everyday activity that most people might overlook!

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and let it be known

Pi Day: You’re Doing it Wrong

This is a post for everybody who wants to be the smartypants in their Twitter or Facebook feed. I’m going to go back to researching pie shops in my area because I don’t have the energy to bake tonight.

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Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

Things You Didn’t Know You Could do With Inflatable Balls, a ViHart Video

New, mathematically valid decorating idea!


Just What You've Always Wanted

A Mathematical Examination of Paper Snowflakes and the Creation Thereof

‘Twas a week before Christmas, and all through the blog,

This writer was too tired to make a properly scanning monologue.

Enjoy ViHart instead.


she blinded me with science

Food for Thought: ViHart Shows Us an Amazing Mathematical Tortilla

ViHart shows us all how to make a hexafelxagon burrito. Either I’m hungry, or this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Or both. Look, if you’re not going to eat the edges of that tortilla, can I?

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Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Approved Distraction: Make a Hexaflexagon

If I’d known about these in high school, it would have significantly expanded my paper plaything repertoire of origami frogs, goldfish, and fortune tellers. Educate yourself.

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Consider the Following

Forget about Pi Day, Have a Happy Tau Day!

ViHart continues her crusade of adorable internet videos espousing the virtues of using Tau as a constant to define and derive the dimensions of a circle rather than Pi, because it just makes things more simple and clear. At least, it seem like it makes it more clear.

Well, I suppose either way, it’s an excuse to eat twice as much pie as on Pi Day.

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O, Hear the Musings of Henri the Ennui Cat, and Then a Response From a Dog [Videos]

A few years ago, Henri the Ennui Cat took the internet by storm, not that it even mattered though. We’re all just floating along in this world, waiting for time to pass, until we all head to that litter box in the sky — unless that doesn’t exist either. Featuring piano music from Vi Hart (known for her math videos), Henri makes his existential crisis-filled return in “Henri 2, Paw de Deux.”

And after the jump, the canine response.


And Now For Something Completely Different

ViHart Explains Why .999… =/= 1 [April Fools]

Okay, here’s our only concession to April Fools day, a brain busting attempt to pull the wool over our eyes by Mathematics and Felt Tipped Markers’ own ViHart. If you’d like to see the real reasons why .999… = 1, venture below the cut.