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Verizon Wireless

  1. Verizon Wireless Introducing $30 Upgrade Fee

    If Verizon is your service provider, upgrading your phone is about to get a little less exciting. Starting April 22nd, Verizon Wireless is implementing a $30 upgrade fee to cut your new-gadget joy with a little "aw man" sadness. Up until now, Verizon had been the only big four provider not to have an upgrade fee, but Verizon customers' day in the sun -- in that respect at least -- is now over. Granted, it's only 30 bucks, but on the other hand, it used to be zero bucks.

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  2. SNL Lambastes the Baffling World of Cellular Phone Advertisements [Video]

    The venerable comedy show Saturday Night Live turned its satiric eye to the confusing, brand name and acronym laden world of cellular phone advertising with their satire of Verizon LTE ads last night. In it, a hapless customer endures a barrage of meaningless comparisons, buzzwords, and bewildering stats before reaching a rather inevitable conclusion. Oh, and even if you think you know what all those words meant, it's far more confusing than you might think.

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  3. Memo Detailing Verizon’s New Data Plans Leaked

    Have any lingering questions about the details of the new Verizon data plans? Now you don't. Rumors about Verizon's move to usage-based data plans have been floating around for a couple of days now, specifically rumors that the tiers would be $30 for 2GB, $50 for 5GB, and $80 10GB, rumors that the leaked data seems to confirm. These documents, originally received by Android Central, also confirm that previous users can be grandfathered in with unlimited accounts, which serves as at least one bright spot. Full text of the memo and an in-depth data plan chart after the jump.

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  4. Verizon’s 4G Speeds are the Fastest

    Rootmetrics, a self-proclaimed independent source of carrier performance, performed an extensive study of 4G carriers in the Seattle area. Their study--the results of which are picture in the above chart--found what most Verizon users already know: Verizon is currently the fastest and most reliable (out of the big names) 4G network available. Rootmetrics found that Verizon's LTE network had a 100% data success rate, with average data speeds between 4 and 14.5 times faster and average upload speeds 4.7 to 49.3 times faster than their competitors. The phone models used in the tests include T-Mobile's HTC Thunderbolt, AT&T's HTC Inspire, Sprint's HTC Evo and Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S, though Rootmetric's CEO Paul Griff claimed the smartphone model didn't have much to do with the test, as it was almost entirely network related. Rootmetrics also found that Verizon's 4G download speeds were larger than 10 Mbps about 90% of the time, while the upload speeds fell between 5 and 10 Mbps 100% of the time, noting Verizon's reliability. The most impressive finding? Verizon's average upload speeds were found to be faster than every other network's average download speeds by 37%. Head on past the break to see a breakdown of how often each carrier reached a range of download speeds.

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  5. Verizon iPhone All But Confirmed; Unlimited Data Plan Expected at Launch

    Since Verizon Wireless let it slip that it would be holding a special event tomorrow and curiously invited some Apple-exclusive journalists who wouldn't normally cover Verizon happenings, a number of heavy hitters have put their names on the line to confirm that yes, tomorrow will be the day that the Verizon iPhone becomes a reality. What else do we know -- or think we know -- about the Verizon iPhone?

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  6. Verizon Announces 4G LTE Network, Goes Live December 5

    Verizon has announced that their 4G LTE network, which they're claiming is ten times faster than 3G, will become available this Sunday, December 5, starting in 38 markets and in over 60 major airports.

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  7. The Wall Street Journal Rewrites Verizon iPhone Article, Confirms It for Next Year

    Yesterday, when we wrote that The Wall Street Journal was reporting that Verizon iPhones were going into production by the end of the year and on sale early next year, we apparently should've taken the checkmark in the Verizon logo as a hint. As John Gruber of Daring Fireball pointed out today, WSJ rewrote the article since yesterday, which was mainly based on insidery speculation, and reposted the Verizon iPhone as fully confirmed with a much more fleshed out article.

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  8. Apple Producing Verizon iPhone by Year’s End, Release Early Next Year? [WSJ Report]

    According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple will be producing a Verizon-ready iPhone by the end of this year that would allow Verizon to start selling the phone early next year. Finally. The Verizon iPhone is said to be similar in design to AT&T's iPhone 4, though would use the CDMA technology used in all Verizon phones, a technology that was speculated to one of the reasons why a Verizon iPhone wouldn't happen. If true, this news would prove that Apple's exclusivity with AT&T would be coming to an end and bring hope to subscribers of other carriers. Along with this, WSJ reports that Apple is apparently developing a fifth-generation iPhone which will have a different form factor than the current iPhones on the market, though there was no word regarding how soon the new version would be available to Verizon. (via The Wall Street Journal)

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  9. Bloomberg: iPhone Coming to Verizon in January 2011

    According to two nameless sources "familiar with the plans," Verizon Wireless users will be able to switch to the Apple iPhone starting next year, finally ending AT&T's exclusive reign over the mobile product in the U.S. market, reports Bloomberg. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam previously said they were building a high-speed fourth-generation network, and would reveal devices that employ the new technology at the Consumer Electronics Show this January. Assumedly, this is when the official announcement would be made.

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  10. Will the Droid X Actually Have a 720p Screen, or Did Verizon Wireless Make a Mistake? (Update: Yup, Mistake)

    The tech world is hyperventilating today over Google's and Verizon Wireless' big reveal of an official website for the Motorola Droid X, which isn't at some viral hole-in-the-wall URL, but is located on Verizon Wireless' website. Motorola, Google, Verizon Wireless, and Adobe haven't yet put out an official press statement announcing the phone's launch or detailing its specs, so the smartphone is still shrouded in mystery; it is expected to be revealed at a press-only event on June 23rd.

    As pumped as Android fans are about the Droid X, which has all the makings of the next flagship Android phone, there's one detail on the website which seems too good to be true to some: If you roll over the picture of the Droid X on the site, you'll see the above display, which promises a 720p screen. Update: This must have been a mistake. The screen has been changed. This isn't just an HD screen; it would, by some metrics, make the Droid X a stronger phone for viewing visual content than the iPhone 4, with the so-called "retina display" that Steve Jobs somewhat dubiously claimed made it sharper than the human eye could perceive.

    Is this a game changer, or will the Droid X deliver less than it seems?

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  11. Verizon Ad: Verizon Wireless Covers 30 More Countries Than There Are in the World

    Consumerist alerts us to this gem of a Verizon Wireless ad: The Verizon guy, backed by a parade of suitably 'exotic' people from foreign countries, proclaims the company's coverage of more than 220 countries. "The world is calling. Answer it. With Verizon Wireless, you can call and text in more than 220 countries." Too bad just about every estimate pegs the number of countries in the world at fewer than 200:

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  12. 4chan “Explicitly Blocked” by Verizon Wireless; Moot’s TED Talk

    Blocking 4chan is not a good idea, according to old Internet lore -- think "kicking a beehive" -- but Verizon Wireless appears to be doing just that. Just weeks after rolling out new boards, 4chan administrator moot reports on 4chan's status page that "After an hour and a half on the phone, we've received confirmation from Verizon's Network Repair Bureau (NRB) that we are "explicitly blocked."

    Update, 11:10am: In a phone interview, a spokesman for Verizon Wireless says that it's "nonsense that we blocked [4chan] for any other reason than some unusual activity," and that the company is working through the situation right now. According to the spokesman, activity that "looked like spam" appeared to be originating from 4chan, and the block was a routine and temporary measure with no intent to specifically target 4chan; he said that Verizon Wireless had temporarily blocked other sites showing odd patterns of activity over the past several weeks. Update3: Since a lot of people are coming here through Google due to the "moot TED Talk" tag, here's the (admittedly lo-fi) video of his talk:

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