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Verizon’s 4G Speeds are the Fastest


Rootmetrics, a self-proclaimed independent source of carrier performance, performed an extensive study of 4G carriers in the Seattle area. Their study–the results of which are picture in the above chart–found what most Verizon users already know: Verizon is currently the fastest and most reliable (out of the big names) 4G network available. Rootmetrics found that Verizon’s LTE network had a 100% data success rate, with average data speeds between 4 and 14.5 times faster and average upload speeds 4.7 to 49.3 times faster than their competitors. The phone models used in the tests include T-Mobile’s HTC Thunderbolt, AT&T’s HTC Inspire, Sprint’s HTC Evo and Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S, though Rootmetric’s CEO Paul Griff claimed the smartphone model didn’t have much to do with the test, as it was almost entirely network related. Rootmetrics also found that Verizon’s 4G download speeds were larger than 10 Mbps about 90% of the time, while the upload speeds fell between 5 and 10 Mbps 100% of the time, noting Verizon’s reliability.

The most impressive finding? Verizon’s average upload speeds were found to be faster than every other network’s average download speeds by 37%. Head on past the break to see a breakdown of how often each carrier reached a range of download speeds.

As one can see from the chart, Verizon generally performed at 10 Mbps or higher most of the time, while the other carriers couldn’t even come close. So, next time you’re dealing with a Verizon fanboy or fangirl going on and on about his or her carrier, try to remember that they’re not only being obnoxious, but probably telling the truth.

(via Wired)

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