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  1. Get “Das Booty” On Submarine Designed For Sex, Just $390,000 A Night

    For serious seamen only.

    Today in "what to do with all that money you embezzled/found in a ship wreck/bribed from P. Diddy," we've got the Lover's Deep, a luxury submarine designed to give you and your Valentine one night of sub-sea level passion.

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  2. First Images From Subglacial Lake Floor Courtesy of NASA’s Robotic Submarine [Video]

    As excited as we are to watch the launch of the latest SpaceX capsule this morning -- you can watch live with us right here, by the way -- that's not the only news NASA has in store today. While the space agency is helping the Dragon spacecraft get up to the International Space Station, another NASA team is releasing footage from deep beneath Antarctica. Now you can get a load of some of the first images of the bottom of a subglacial lake courtesy of a robotic mini-submarine designed by researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the video below.

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  3. Need a Place to Park Your Submarine? Buy This Underground Norwegian Sub Base for Only $17.3 Million

    If you're looking for a unique home with tens of thousands of square feet, space for a submarine, and is mostly buried under a mountain, than the Royal Norwegian Navy has got a deal for you. After nearly 50 years in service, the nordic country is looking to sell off the Olavsvern naval base. Warm up your credit cards, because this underground sub base will cost you a cool $17.3 million.

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  4. Famed Submersible Alvin Gets $40 Million Upgrade

    DSV Alvin is the vehicle that first explored the Titanic, brought back footage from hydrothermal vents, and investigated the BP oil spill, but the workhorse of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has lagged behind technological breakthroughs. But now, the plucky submarine is finally getting the upgrade it deserves. Currently, the sub can only dive 2.8 miles which leaves 40% of the ocean floor beyond its reach. Furthermore, its titanium-sphere cabin is notoriously uncomfortable, especially for researchers that can spend hours on end onboard. But after $40 million facelift, all that will change. The maximum depth will be extended to four miles, granting access to 98% of the ocean floor, thanks to improved buoyancy foam. New lithium-ion batteries will make that increased depth even worthwhile, providing 12 hours of operations on a single charge. Inside the sub, folding chairs, additional viewports, and an 18% increase in space will make the cabin a little more habitable. Though it certainly isn't luxury accommodations, it does ensure that this 46-year old little sub will continue making scientific discoveries for years to come. (via Discover, image credit Kellie Jaeger)

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  5. Cruise the “Deep” Blue Sea In Your Semi-Sub

    Geek websites across these great Internets have chronicled the continued interest in a dead-simple personal submarine. Whether it's motivated by over indulgence or a longing human urge to explore, people seem to really want a way to merge the comfort of diving a car with the beauty of marine life. The Ego Semi Sub, from Raonhaje, promises to deliver that experience safely and easily. What sets the Ego apart from the (albeit extremely limited) competition is that it's a semi-sub, meaning that it never completely submerges and cannot control its buoyancy. The two floats on top provide the boyancy, while the craft is controlled from the cabin slung underneath. Like a pontoon boat, but with a car below the water. Thrusters on the back provide propulsion, and the whole thing is electric powered, going 4-8 hours on a charge. I must admit, that I am intrigued. But I am skeptical.

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