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  1. In Continuing Quest to Stay Relevant, Facebook Adds “Buy” and “Save” Buttons

    Add a "cute puppy gif" button and maybe I'd start using Facebook again.

    Facebook is testing some features that it knows will actually get you to start using your account again: "buy" and "save for later" butto—ZZZZZZZZ.

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  2. Study Shows Your Boss Probably Uses Social Media at Work More Than You Do (At Least If You’re Norwegian)

    "Yeah, if you could just go ahead and use social media less while you're at work... that'd be great."

    Our jobs at The Mary Sue revolve pretty heavily around social media, so it's a big part of our day. We're told some offices frown on social media use during work hours, but a new study by the University of Bergen in Norway says management tends to be guilty of more personal social media use than their employees.

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  3. Fargo Star Allison Tolman Takes Body-Shamer To Task On Twitter

    What Boys Think of Girls

    Oh no you didn't, random twitter dude.

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  4. Nielsen Twitter Infographic Reveals The TV Shows We Talk About The Most

    The Boob Tube

    From Heisenberg to How I Met Your Aunt Robin, this broadcast TV season has been full of moments that warranted discussion (or angry, inarticulate yelling at screens). Nielsen Social used Twitter data to reveal the shows that got us talking, and wow...we obviously had a lot of feelings. Can you guess which geek shows made the top 10?

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  5. Social Media Sites and Famous Brands As Game of Thrones Houses

    i'll just leave this here

    Design Crowd asked their users to redesign Game of Thrones house banners for various ginormous companies, and while I like what they've done, I really wish I had their design known-how so I could make some fandom-specific ones. Fanfiction.Net: Pit of Voles. (via: BuzzFeed) Previously in Game of Thrones House Banners

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  6. Social Media Isn’t Very Social At All, Poses Spoken Word Short Film

    Wise Words

    She posted, hoping it doesn't convince anyone to stop visiting The Mary Sue. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  7. Science Tells Us What We Already Know, Says That Social Media Users Find Change ‘Stressful’

    Breaking nerds! Um, news. Breaking news.

    Every single time Twitter or Facebook changes their layout in a big way, everybody gets upset -- either at the changes themselves, or at all the people who are freaking out over the changes. A group of researchers decided to study this phenomenon, and found that there are ways for social media websites to mitigate this nerd rage.

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  8. Community College Tries to Have Twitter Account Pulled, Fails, Draws More Attention to Account It Tried to Have Pulled

    Asking a bunch of college kids NOT to do something? How could that possibly backfire?

    The president of Northampton Community College in Pennsylvania doesn't think the @NCC_Confess Twitter account is very funny, so he tried to have it pulled from the Internet. That went about as well as you would expect and resulted in a lot more attention for the account. Do they not have a class in How to Internet at NCC?

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  9. Get Off Your Butts And Follow Us On Social Media Already

    The Mary Sue

    Do you social media? Tumbl or Tweet? If not, ride off into the sunset and know that we are proud of you for how well you have resisted modern temptations. You're a true rebel. However, if you, like your friendly Mary Sue writers and most everyone else, do partake in social media, do us solid and go follow us. We have: Facebook Twitter Tumblr Google+ As well as the Twitters of those whose words you read: Susana Polo, Jill Pantozzi, Rebecca Pahle, weekend editor/video game reviewer Becky Chambers, movie reviewer Zoe Chevat, Amanda Age 30's Amanda LaPergola, Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.'s Alan Kistler, and contributors Dan Wohl and Jaydot Sloane. We're all very clever, we swear. And you wouldn't want to miss anything The Mary Sue posts, would you? We appreciate every single follow.

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  10. Coke’s “Cone of Shame” Commercial Wants You to Spend Less Time on Your Phone, More Time Drinking Soda

    This is what all the racist critics of their Super Bowl ad should have to wear.

    Have you forgotten what your baby looks like? Do you live-tweet first dates? Coke released a parody ad yesterday with a solution for "social media addicts" who have deeper relationships with their followers than their family--a Social Media Guard designed to force human interaction, or prevent your dog from ripping out it's stitches.

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