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Resident Evil

  1. Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Shows Us True Horror—and It’s 20 Years Old

    This Claire sandwich needs more kick.

    Revelations is supposed to bridge the two phases in Resident Evil’s history: the “classic” survival-horror style, with long mansion hallways and tricky puzzles, and the newer breed, where zombies move fast and bioengineered monsters grow gigantic pus sacs from every orifice. But all Resident Evil: Revelations 2 does is make me wish we could turn back the clock 20 years—that the good old days are still possible to relive. They’re not.

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  2. PBS Game/Show Tackles the Racist Pitfalls That Can Go Along With NPCs of Color in Video Games

    Yeah, I have always been a little side-eye about the Gerudo.

    Jamin Warren brings up a lot of good points about how the player agency which lies at the heart of most games often results in dehumanized NPCs, which become doubly problematic when PCs are majority white and/if NPCs are predominantly brown. He also tackles the common scifi/fantasy trope of using inter-species conflict as a metaphor for inter-racial conflict, one that I've been mulling over myself for a while now.

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  3. Badass Milla Jovovich Interviewed Badass Michelle Rodriguez, Discussed Movies, Motherhood, & Mischief

    I love these women.

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  4. The Mary Sue Presents a Sideshow Collectibles Ada Wong Giveaway!

    "Put your hands where I can see them."

    The Mary Sue is delighted to partner with Sideshow Collectibles for a special giveaway of an Ada Wong Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys!

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  5. Things We Saw Today: The Little Golden Book Version of Attack on Titan

    Google: "Attack on Titan Opening - Music Box Version"

    No, this isn't a real Golden Book. It's part of Matt Reedy's Little Golden Manga, an art project that imagines teen and adult manga as kids books! (via Kotaku)

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  6. Zoomin.TV Counts Down The Top 5 Cancelled Games That Never Got To See The Light

    At least we still got Resident Evil 2.

    Avid gamers get a glimpse of a lot of interesting and promising games that never come to full fruition for a number of unlucky reasons. Zoomin.TV has chosen their top 5 picks of games which they would have liked to see become more than just teasers and trailers, but which were cancelled first.

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  7. Star Wars, Captain America 3 Release Dates In Flux, Resident Evil & Terminator: Genesis Start Filming

    It's Technical

    Disney may not be ready to announce anything official as far as casting for the next Star Wars films but they are debating release dates for both Star Wars VII and Captain America 3: Black Widow Steals The Show (title pending approval) while also giving a few other small details. Read on for more, as well as a possible name for the next Resident Evil film and the first picture from the set of Terminator: Genesis.

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  8. These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Lockets (Unless Your Grandma Is A Rad Geek)


    Lockets are pretty awesome.  But make those lockets geeky and suddenly they're even more awesome.  Etsy Store ThreeTwelveTrinkets sells these super cool geeky lockets that include fandoms as varied as Marvel, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Minecraft.  You can even custom order one if you don't see anything you like in their current collection.  And, as an added bonus, they're super affordable.

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  9. How to Make Festive Peppermint Resident Evil Cupcakes

    om nom nom

  10. The 30th Anniversary Capcom Character Encyclopedia Is Here

    It's the most fun history book you'll ever read.

    The 30th Anniversary Capcom Character Encyclopedia will remind you that Nintendo is not the only juggernaut of memorable video game characters. The handy book sports over 200 full page Capcom character profiles complete with character art, stats, and bios. It's the perfect coffee table book for any gamer, and it's available now.

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  11. These 12 Minutes of Gameplay from The Evil Within Will Make You Weep With Fear [VIDEO]

    Someone just tell me when it's over!

    Resident Evil's Shinji Mikami has teamed up with Bethesda, and in 2014 they're bringing you a survival horror which will restore your faith in the genre, while simultaneously making you pee with fear. Here, we bring you 12 uninterrupted minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming The Evil Within.

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  12. Steam Keeps Their Summer Sale Exciting With Today’s Daily Deals

    We love video games, but we also love money. That's why we love cheap video games.

    Steam is a really great option for people who want to play the occasional game without investing in a console, and it's even greater when they run a sale. We're on day 3 of Steam's Summer Getaway Sale, and it's a great time to build your Steam library on the cheap. Check out what they have in store for you today.

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  13. Is Milla Jovovich Getting Ready To Kick Butt In The Expendables 3?

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Milla Jovovich has made a career out of punching and kicking so it's no surprise to hear she might be joining the cast of The Expendables 3. But what does this mean for The ExpendaBelles?

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  14. The Evil Within, From the Creator of Resident Evil, Officially Revealed

    The latest video game from Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame has been officially announced as The Evil Within, not that we really need more horror news this week. As everyone everywhere likely suspected, it's a horror game. Details are sparse, but there is a confusing live-action trailer. So, there's that, at least.

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  15. Resident Evil 6 Movie Release Date Revealed, Will Probably Be Set In Space Or Something

    And That's Terrible

    I never say this but...I think it's time for a reboot.

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  16. Things We Saw Today: The Umbrella Corporation Cleans Up Their Act

    Things We Saw Today

    Maybe zombies just need a good scrub. Umbrella soap, "Rainy, salty mist green notes made up of basil, green leaf and ozone notes." Sounds about right. (via Luxury Lane Soap)

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  17. Time Magazine Names The 100 Best Video Games

    It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

    Yeah, I chose Paperboy as the header image for this post and you're just going to have to deal with it. Best of lists are bound to attract controversy so prepare yourself to have some opinions on Time Magazine's list of the 100 best video games. 

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  18. Hollywood Chooses Newbie Action Star Gina Carano To Headline Female Expendables Film

    i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

    In a surprising announcement, the folks making that Expendables-inspired action film starring women instead of men, have chosen Haywire star and former MMA fighter, Gina Carano to lead the cast. Interesting.

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  19. Things We Saw Today: Thor Admiring Thor

    Things We Saw Today

    Oh yes, the fantastic set images of Chris Hemsworth have started back up now that Thor: The Dark World is shooting (we posted some great ones of Sif earlier today). Check out one of his other wonderful expressions on Flatbear's tumblr. 

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  20. Alan Turing Has an Official Monopoly Board. Here are Some of Our Other Favorites

    Godfather of the computer age, Alan Turing, will be getting his face on some currency -- just not, y'know, real money. Turing's face will grace each and every bank note in the newly announced Monopoly: Alan Turing Edition. Based on a design that Turing played with friend Max Newman, the game, released by Bletchley Park Code Centre, where Turing did the codebreaking work that was instrumental to an Allied victory in WWII, is designed to teach players facts about Turing's life. Believe it or not, this Google-funded endeavor is just the latest of hundreds of bizarrely branded takes on Monopoly that are things that exist in the real world. You can get a look at some of out other favorites after the jump.

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