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  1. New Species of Wacky Monkey-Porcupine Hybrid Discovered In Brazil

    It has a fancy name, but we're going with "monkey-pine."

    Biologists from the Federal University of Paraíba in Brazil have discovered a new species of porcupine that - to the uninitiated - basically just looks like an amazing, pug-nosed, spiky monkey.

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  2. Monday Cute: Kemosabe, the Incredibly Talkative One-Toothed Porcupine


    You thought you liked bananas just fine, but that's where this dentally challenged coendou has got you beat. Previously in Cute

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  3. Flesh-Spearing Porcupine Quills Could Inspire The Needles Of The Future

    When researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston went looking for the future of jamming a sharp thing inside of you, they looked to a creature that has built it's reputation -- and ensured its survival -- by delivering sharp pokes for millions of years: the porcupine. By analyzing the unique geometry of porcupine spines, they're unraveling the secrets of why it's so easy to get one of the sharp spines to puncture flesh, and so hard to remove it. They're hoping those lessons could result in more effective needles that could enter the body with less force and seal the wounds they leave on their way out, reducing the possibility of infections.

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  4. Super Bowl Video Roundup: The Avengers, Fat Dogs, Squeaky Porcupines

    Good News Everyone!

    There's a certain groundhog who likes to make predictions about the wether and then cover his tracks by saying that "it was winter somewhere." He's got nothing on everyone's favorite squeaky porcupine, who predicted last night's Giants victory over the Patriots a week ago. But I'd hazard a guess that the majority of you aren't terrifically interested in the game itself, and are more into the stuff that happened in the all-too few commercial breaks in this unusually quick Super Bowl game. Worry not, we've got two different versions of the Avengers spot, Star Wars, and Matthew Broderick below.

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  5. Monday Cute: A Baby Porcupine and a Coffee Mug


    "Educational porcupine" Irwin has found a mug with something tasty at the bottom of it. Emphasis: at the bottom of it. "Educational porcupine" Irwin hates mondays. Especially at 0:56 (via TDW.) Previously in Talking Porcupines

    • A Talking Porcupine

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  6. And Now, Some Worldly and Sophisticated Porcupine Dinner Conversation


    Everyone! We made it to Friday, everyone! Lets celebrate with Teddy Bear the Zooniveristy porcupine. We'll begin with a corn-cob appetizer, and then move on to the pumpkin entree. Uh. You might have to BYOB, though.

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