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Super Bowl Video Roundup: The Avengers, Fat Dogs, Squeaky Porcupines

Good News Everyone!

There’s a certain groundhog who likes to make predictions about the wether and then cover his tracks by saying that “it was winter somewhere.” He’s got nothing on everyone’s favorite squeaky porcupine, who predicted last night’s Giants victory over the Patriots a week ago.

But I’d hazard a guess that the majority of you aren’t terrifically interested in the game itself, and are more into the stuff that happened in the all-too few commercial breaks in this unusually quick Super Bowl game. Worry not, we’ve got two different versions of the Avengers spot, Star Wars, and Matthew Broderick below.

Here’s the full Volkswagen Super Bowl spot, which references last year’s.

Here’s the full version of Honda’s Ferris Bueller referencing ad that was teased two weeks ago. No, it’s not for a new Ferris Bueller.

OK Go premeired their new music video for Needing/Getting (one of my personal favorites), that’s also somewhat of an ad for the Chevy Sonic. Impressive to say the least, but I wonder exactly how cleaned up the audio was. Apparently it was all Damien’s driving, after some stunt driving lessons.

Last but not least, The Avengers was pretty much the only nerd-oriented summer action blockbuster to get a Super Bowl spot this year, especially odd considering that The Dark Knight Rises is not only imminent but also has a pretty important football themed scene… Well, maybe somebody thought it would be inappropriate. (I tell a lie: there was also G.I. Joe 2. And The Phantom Menace. And John Carter. …yeah.)

In any case, here’s the version that aired, while Marvel posted a more extended version online.

And here’s the extended version:

Tiny Bonus .gif: Madonna taking the stage like Xerxes.

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