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  1. MinutePhysics Explores the Science of the Multiverse [Video]

    The universe is really, really big, but as any comic book fan or Sliders aficionado will tell you, it's dwarfed by the idea of the multiverse, which is the universe, but...more infinite? It's hard to explain. Luckily, the fine folks from MinutePhysics have taken it on themselves to do a pretty excellent job explaining the 100% theoretical science behind parallel universes that may or may not be playing out right alongside ours in a space we'll spend our entire existences brushing up against but never once be aware of. Hey, I said it was complicated! Get a load of the video below for a glimpse into an alternate plane of reality where the concept is pretty easy to understand.

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  2. Minute Physics Explains The Whole Universe In Under Three Minutes [Video]

    Never let it be said that the folks at Minute Physics shy away from delving into the really big questions. In the latest episode, the gang takes on the daunting query "What is the Universe?" The answer, predictably, is, like, whoa, man, raising more questions about things like whether we can really know that parts of the Universe we can't observe actually exist, and if concepts like the future or mathematics are part of the universe we live in, or something else entirely. It's a bit of a head trip, but since you've probably got today off anyway, go ahead and ponder the nature of all things great and small from your bed this morning. You've earned it.

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  3. Sorry Guys, the Firefly MMO Developer Closed Down

    In news that might've been expected due to the lack of news regarding the developer or its products, Multiverse, the developer behind the Firefly MMO, has unfortunately closed down. Though they've raised over $7 million in funding throughout their lifetime, they were unable to raise enough to continue the journey forward. Though Multiverse created some brand-based games, for instantly recognizable companies such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola, the Firefly MMO they've been working on will probably be most missed.

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