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A24 Has Some Delightfully Surreal Multiversal Posters for ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’

"Do you mean Ratatouille?"

A vibrant poster for the cinematic release of Everything Everywhere All At Once, starring Michelle Yeoh.

April 11, A24 and Daniels (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) shared images with mock-up posters of a handful of the universes explored in their film Everything Everywhere All at Once. Michelle Yeoh’s first leading role in 20 YEARS has her playing Evelyn in the film, a mother (of Joy, played by Stephanie Hsu) and co-owner of a laundromat (with husband Waymond, played by Ke Huy Quan) under audit by the IRS. The already stressful situation, worsened by familial strife, takes a turn for the weird and dangerous as she learns that different paths of her life exist in an infinite multiverse that she must fight to save.

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Since the trailer’s launch, the studio’s promotional game has been intriguing and confusing to everyone everywhere—until you watch the movie. From the googly eyes poster to the almost mandala-like asymmetrical theatrical poster, all people can gather is that the film will be a wild ride. In the spirit of that, here are some new poster from Daniels and A24 that are amazing and beautiful—whether or not you can understand them without seeing the movie.

For the particularly spoiler-averse, some of these may vaguely clue you into things you can expect in the movie, but it’s more likely they’re just not going to make any sense to you at all until after you’ve seen it.

Amour et Saucisses

Everything Everywhere All At Once alternative poster for Amour et Saucisses. Image: A24.

Translating from to English as Love & Sausages, this poster imagines an entire narrative built around a multiversal tale of love that also just so happens to include—yes—the hot dog fingers we saw in the movie’s trailer. The A24 tweet includes the text “brought tears to my eyes more than once,” citing the actual Robert Ebert review of Everything Everywhere All At Once. I don’t even remember this part of the movie being in French, but it was one of the more delightfully weird bits, and those French bobs and that brilliant blue definitely give that Amélie vibe.


Pinky of Fury and Fractured Personas

Everything Everywhere All At Once alternative poster for Pinky of Fury. Image: A24.

Other than the stylish choreography of the central universe, the movie also gives us this whole side-universe story in which Evelyn stays behind with her family, rather than leaving for America, and becomes a kung-fu actress. (This gets super SUPER meta with the next poster.) Here we get a collage of the various characters and a close-up of her overly buff tiny digit in Pinky of Fury—as noted in the trailer, these fighting skills will come in handy in the battle for the multiverse.

Everything Everywhere All At Once alternative poster for Fractured Personas. Image: A24.

This more grounded poster takes a step away from the absurd for a bit to focus on the love between Evelyn and Waymond, but still in a way that gets very meta within the context of the movie, because this movie never misses an opportunity to do something unexpected.


Like the 2007 Disney Pixar movie it’s referencing (Ratatouille), Raccaacoonie features a small furry creature controlling a chef that would not be as successful without it. No, this one doesn’t make much more sense even to the characters in the film, either. A24 tweeted this one with a blurb from the CNN review: “The movie you didn’t know you needed, but might love.” While I love this, I’m going to move on because if you say it out loud enough, it starts to sound like a racial slur.

Everything Everywhere All At Once alternative poster for Raccacoonie (Ratatouille.) Image: A24.


I saved the best for last. Many multiverse jumps in this film had me audibly gasping, doing a near-silent squeal, or a muffled “uhhhhhhh!!!??” The closest experience to the emotional state of shock I had leaving a theater after watching this film was back in 2018 for Sorry to Bother You (but for a very different reason). When we got to the scene that ties into the poster below, I. Was. Flabbergasted.

Everything Everywhere All At Once alternative poster for Rocks. Image: A24.

Rocks is the perfect poster. No notes. This great frame, with the small rocks in front of a vast landscape, is a not-so-coincidental reminder of how rather insignificant we are in the span of the universe. My favorite part of this whole poster is the National Geographic logo at the bottom, making the poster look like an intriguing documentary. Actually, I do want A24 and National Geographic to do something together. Yes, technically, Disney owns National Geographic, but I’m just saying that there is some exciting potential for the uncanny A24 studio to have fun with National Geographic footage in some long-form narrative way.

(via Twitter, featured image: A24)

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