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  1. We Could Watch Magnets Fall Through Copper Pipes All Day [Video]

    No. That's not a euphemism for anything.

    Magnets are not attracted to copper, but incredibly strong magnets interact with copper in a pretty amazing way. If you drop a neodymium magnet down through a copper pipe it's descent is slowed. The stronger the magnet and the thicker the pipe, the slower the fall. Take a look.

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  2. Watch These Drops of Liquid Dance and Split to the Beat of a Magnetic Pulse [Video]

    Substances that know what shape they want to be could make new products a lot easier to build.

    Researchers and manufacturers alike both have a lot of hope for self-assembly, a new school of technological development that could one day lead to items that build themselves -- or at least build their own parts. The idea is that by creating  smart structures of nanoparticles, scientists could one day create substances that take on predetermined shapes when they're exposed to an outside energy source like a magnetic field or electric current. Today, researchers at Paris Tech and Aalto University report in the journal Science that they've developed a technique that lets them create shapes from magnetic fluids in two flavors -- static, where the fluid is at rest, and dynamic, where energy is fed through the substance. Even better? The fluids look like something out of The Sorcerer's Apprentice when researchers are experimenting on them, as you can see in the video above.

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  3. The FDA just Approved a Magnetic Hat to Treat Depression

    Ominously-named Israeli tech company Brainsway has just gotten clearance from the FDA to sell its depression-treating helmet in the United States. Billed as an alternative to mood-altering pharmaceuticals, Brainsway's technology sends brief magnetic pulses into the brain in the hopes of rewiring connections between brain cells and essentially clearing up the lines of communication between them.

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  4. Magnetic Pulses to The Brain Bring People Down To Earth, Reduce Optimism

    As a species, humans tend to be glass half-full, optimistic sorts of folks, actively seeking out good news while simultaneously ignoring things that upset or disagree with us. It can be a fun way to live sometimes and it's definitely made a few of our days more relaxing, but the good news bias can work against us as well, detaching us from reality and leading us to make poor decisions. It turns out we may be able to take off those rose-colored glasses and think logically about things, though -- and all it requires out of us is a quick shot of magnetic energy to the brain.

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  5. Forget Waterbeds, This Bed Floats On A Magnetic Field

    Bed technology tends to be kind of boring. Sure, you've got your Sleep Number alchemy and that memory foam stuff, but where are our space beds, or like, flying beds or whatever? Redditor mememetatata must have asked himself a similarly meandering question, and then decided to do something about it by building a levitating magnetic bed. Yes, ladies and gents, this bed floats.

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  6. Sleek Induction Cooktop Cooks With 48 Magnets, Only $5,000

    When you think cutting edge technology, you think cooktops. Alright, maybe you don't, but I do. Okay, I don't either, but it turns out that cooktop tech is way cooler than you might give it credit for. Enter the Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop, recently unveiled at CES. Because the Freedom Induction Cooktop uses a series of 48 magnetic inductors, it gains all sorts of super powers. Its surface stays cool to the touch, it can support pans of any shape and size, and it doesn't limit you to placement on any specific burner.

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  7. Bamboo Mario Magnets are Classy, Expensive, Limitedly Available

    These Mario magnets are made of bamboo, classing up the game featuring a plumber that murders animal-like things by jumping on them with his butt. The magnet set contains 48 pieces, including a castle, so happy purchasers can build their very own static Mario level on their refrigerator. The magnets are made with natural bamboo and strong neodymium magnets. Upon purchase, Etsy shop owner Travis Chen will create and include one custom Mario power-up of your choosing. Head on past the break for more pictures of the set, as well as what is actually included.

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  8. Magnetic Light Switch Plate Keeps Your Keys in Place

    For anyone who loses their keys (read: everyone who has keys) and doesn't enjoy keeping a bowl next to the front door because it always falls off of the tabletop, designer Jake Frey has created a magnetic cover that attaches on top of a light switch, strong enough to hold onto a metal keyring with keys attached. The bottom third of the cover is magnetic, and comes in a standard single switch size. Currently, there doesn't seem to be a cover for flat or dimmer light switches, so those light switch owners will just have to rely on that bowl. Frey doesn't mention how the magnet handles the kind of keys with a computer chip in them, but we all know magnets are the bane of technology, so it's probably best not to put your fancy car key anywhere near the thing.

    The magnetic cover can be purchased over at Fancy for $24.95. That may seem a bit expensive, but at what price keys? Now Frey needs to make one for the television remote.

    (via Technabob)

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  9. Dancing Column of Ball Pit Balls is Some Pretty CGI [Video]

    The above video featuring a project in which a team modifies plastic ball pit balls to be affected by an electromagnet, then makes the modified balls dance in a pretty formation of multicolored plastic, was created by a CGI company Physalia. Yes, that means the dancing balls weren't actually being manipulated in real life, and yes, an electromagnet that big would certainly affect objects in the room that were close enough to it, but that doesn't make the video any less pretty.

    The video was created for the RE:PLAY Film Festival, wherein teams were tasked with creating a piece with the theme of "happy," and thus, a dancing column of ball pit balls was born.

    (via reddit)

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  10. Your Fridge is Crying Out for Minecraft Magnets

    You love Minecraft, but you can't always be at your computer constructing/destroying edifices and fleeing from crudely shaped monsters. For those times, ThinkGeek has brought us the officially licensed and blessed-by-Notch Minecraft magnets. Though the principle behind their function remains a miraculous mystery, these magnetic squares allow you to plan your next Minecraft creation or construct blocky cutaway views against most metallic surfaces. Of course, you'll have to wait until magnets 1.3 for leaf decay, but it's never been easier to find gold or make bookshelves. The only thing you have to watch out for is your creations being destroyed by Creepers (aka. your room-mate Phil). (ThinkGeek via NotCot)

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  11. This Exists: The Hoverboard From Back to the Future II in Real Life [VIDEO]

    Ever since I saw Static Shock riding on a trash can lid, I've wanted some sort of hoverboard. Looks like French artist Nils Guadagnin has come to my rescue, building a prototype of the hoverboard fr

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  12. Bacteria Build Micro-Pyramid, Controlled By Computers [Video]

    Scientists in Montreal have succeeded in coaxing magnet-sensitive bacteria into building a pyramid, using only carefully manipulated magnetic fields controlled via computer. The hope, ultimately, is that computer-controlled bacteria may someday replace nanorobots or serve as "a propulsion system for larger nanorobots that could deliver drugs, repair an organ, or assemble larger and more complex nanostructures," giving us yet another thing to fear will turn us all into grey goo.

    Video after the jump:

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