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Kid Icarus Uprising

  1. Nintendo Unleashes Over 100 Free Games in Club Nintendo Reward Program Send-off

    Since you can't spend your coins on extra lives in real life.

    Nintendo's Club Nintendo loyalty program is going out with a bang over the next few months with 117 digital games to be downloaded just for registering some Nintendo products and taking a few surveys.

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  2. Nintendo Defends the Indefensible, the Kid Icarus: Uprising Control Scheme

    As someone who recently and happily received a brand new Cobalt Black Nintendo 3DS for his birthday along with Kid Icarus: Uprising, coupled with my longstanding frustration with Nintendo, seeing Kid Icarus creator Masahiro Sakurai come out and defend the game's awful, awful control scheme couldn't be more frustrating. I've been wanting to write about my experience with the controls for a while, and seeing Sakurai defend what is one of the worst control schemes of all time certainly provides a good opening.

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  3. The Nintendo 3DS Now Has a Stand, Making it Less Portable Than Ever

    The Nintendo 3DS isn't as portable as one would think a portal gaming machine would be. Sure, you can physically move it around when playing it, and you can easily bring it somewhere without detaching it from your entertainment center and stuffing it into a big duffel bag like you'd have to do with a console, but if you want to actually use the 3D feature -- the whole point of the handheld -- you can't actually move the unit or your head around, or else the screen will be rendered visually indecipherable. Now, with the Japanese release of Kid Icarus: Uprising, the Nintendo 3DS will make use of a stand. That's right, a thing you plop down on a table, then attach the 3DS to while, amusingly for people who don't actually have to use it, actually holding the unit anyway.

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  4. Why Is Icarus So Hot Right Now?

    For some reason, Icarus is heating up right now in the video game world, and the sun doesn't seem to have anything to do with it, except if you consider that it supports human life and humans make video games. But that's a minor point. What's important here is that Icarus has apparently become the go-to metaphor for trying to achieve perfection but finding your downfall. Or, sometimes, it's not even a metaphor at all. And sometimes it's just a cool word to throw into your game title. But whatever the reason, one thing is certain: Icarus is so hot right now. (Other certain thing: I love that joke way too much.) Let me elaborate:

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  5. Nintendo’s 3DS: What You Need to Know

    Nintendo rolled out some spiffy Wii games at their 12:00pm EDT E3 presentation, but let's face it: The big event was the 3DS. Nintendo did not disappoint: While we'll give Sony their chance to wow us at 3:00, I don't think it would be rash to say that there's a good chance this will be the thing that everyone talks about post-E3.

    Though Nintendo hasn't given us a price or a release date for the 3DS, it did give us lots of information on what the new 3D handheld system that will change your life will be all about. Geekosystem breaks it down:

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