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Ghostbusters II

  1. The Ghostbusters Reunion Photoshoot Makes For Bittersweet Bustin’ Memories

    Entertainment Weekly got the band back together.

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  2. Self-Described “Film Chauvinist” Complains About Possible Female-Led Ghostbusters

    I'm not interested in your opinion, just shut it off.

    Today in really annoying sexism news, a writer for Deadline is using Ghostbusters for evil.

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  3. Rick Moranis Talks About Ghostbusters 3, Hates On Ghostbusters 2

    And That's Terrible

    "I haven't talked to [Dan Aykroyd] about it. Somebody he's associated with called me and I said, 'I wouldn't not do it, but it's got to be good.' You know, I'm not interested in doing anything I've already done, and I thought the second one was a disappointment. But I guess I'm interested in where that guy is now. I sort of see him as being Bernie Madoff's cellmate in jail. Both of them being so orderly that they race to get up and make their beds." - Actor Rick Moranis speaking exclusively with Empire Magazine about Ghostbusters 3 from his perspective. The comedic actor has actually been retired from the life for quite a while but recently released a musical comedy album. Not too long ago, we had what seems like the most concrete Ghostbusters 3 news yet from Aykroyd. "We need four new ghostbusters," he said. “It’s based upon new research that’s being done in particle physics by the young men and women at Columbia University." For the record, I'm not the only one who loves Ghostbusters 2, right? (via Empire Magazine) Previously in Ghostbusters

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  4. On a Mountain of Skulls, in the Castle of Pain, the Real Voice of Vigo the Carpathian Sat on a Throne of Blood [Video]

    In Ghostbusters II, Wilhelm von Homburg's vocal performance as Vigo the Carpathian was famously dubbed by Max von Sydow after filming was completed. Though Homburg looked the part precisely, he just didn't do quite as well when it came to his lines. Homburg wasn't aware that his voice had been replaced, and he stormed out of the cast and crew screening of the film when he found out. How bad was his take, though? Thanks to William Forsche, a member of the film's crew, you can watch the above video to find out why they decided to replace Homburg's voice.

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  5. If Statues And Famous Landmarks Cosplayed Life Would Be A Lot More Fun

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    Apparently some pranksters CalTech thought it would be a fun idea to cover the Alamo sculpture in Manhattan's Astor Place with a Portal Companion Cube outfit yesterday. They were 100% right. We'd like to see this kind of thing become a trend and have a few suggestions to offer up to you creative types. 

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  6. Ghostbusters 2 Set Videos Reveal That Slimer Was a Lady! [Video]


    Some people (especially people whose names may or may not rhyme with "Gamey Reveille") maintain that Ghostbusters 2 is a fine work of cinematic art. And now, we can witness some new/old behind-the-scenes footage that was taken by special effects designer William Forsche and just recently posted to YouTube for our viewing enjoyment. The Slimer footage starts at 4:05, but you can see Robin Shelby, the woman who made Slimer move, in the very beginning of this video, hugging/being lifted by Bill Murray. Luckiest. Girl. Ever. Fun facts also revealed in the video above: the person inside the Statue of Liberty? A dude! Also: We danced funny in the 1980s!

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