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  1. Robot Barista Makes Custom Coffee Using the Cloud

    Today: Making elitist, wannabe artiste-slash-baristas obsolete. Tomorrow, removing ALL the human interactions.

    The Briggo robot makes coffee via app. You specifying how you want the milk steamed, any flavor shots (for people who are too silly to appreciate the taste of coffee alone), and kind of sweetener. Then it tells you the exact pickup time. Something that automatically figures out my coffee while I'm still half-asleep? Um, yes please!

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  2. Figure Out How Much Caffeine Is In Your Drink With the New Caffeine Orange

    Like Flash Rosenberg said, we have thumbs so we can make coffee.

    While some mornings are made for enjoying a cappuccino or some soy-chai-misto-thing, others are a mad rush to jumpstart your body as quickly as possible. In honor of those mornings, here's an awesome new device: Caffeine Orange. It tells you how much caffeine is in your drink -- so you can figure out how much you need in order to feel human.

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  3. Handpresso Auto Is For All Those Times You Just Need To Make Espresso In Your Car

    Some days it's just not enough to have a coffee before work and then a coffee at work. Once you've evolved into a super addict, you might find yourself requiring sweet, sweet liquid caffeination in transit. If you do, the Handpresso Auto is just what the doctor ordered and will let you brew up some espresso to help keep you awake through that traffic jam, or red light, right in your car. Powered by your 12v cigarette lighter and requiring only water and coffee pods, the Handpresso auto will do its insanely specialized job right in your cupholder and beep at you when it's done, all for the low, low price of $200. Crippling addiciton is expensive.

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  4. Pocket-Sized Espresso Machine Literally Fits in Your Pocket

    Are you a coffee connoisseur and only settle for the fancy stuff, but are always on the go and never have the time to park at a seat at an outdoor cafe and casually enjoy a cup of espresso? Luckily for you, Instructables user urant attempted to solve that terrible, crippling problem of yours by making the pocket espresso machine. Unlike infomercial lingo, this pocket espresso machine actually its in an average-sized pants pocket.

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  5. And Now: 20 Ounces of Pure Espresso in One Drink

    A Brooklyn, NY coffee shop called The Pulp & The Bean has devised a drink that makes Starbucks' 32-ounce iced coffee offering seem tame by comparison: The Dieci, which consists of ten shots of espresso in one cup, for a total of twenty ounces. This is probably not good for you.

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  6. Infographic Guide to Making Coffee Drinks Will Get You Through Monday Alive

    You might have the how-to to handle making coffee and basic espresso drinks, but can you handle yuayangs, eiskaffee, carajillos? Fortunately, design firm Plaid Creative is here to help: Their informative, elegantly designed infographic visually represents the part-by-part compositions of twenty different coffee drinks. Best recipe has to be for the basic black: "1 cup-o-coffee. 0 parts anything."

    Full-sized below:

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