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Robot Barista Makes Custom Coffee Using the Cloud

Today: Making elitist, wannabe artiste-slash-baristas obsolete. Tomorrow, removing ALL the human interactions.


The Briggo robot makes coffee via app. You specifying how you want the milk steamed, any flavor shots (for people who are too silly to appreciate the taste of coffee alone), and kind of sweetener. Then it tells you the exact pickup time. Something that automatically figures out my coffee while I’m still half-asleep? Um, yes please!

When you think about it, it’s kind of amazing that more people haven’t taken advantage of how pliable many of us are before that first ingestion of caffeine.


To use Briggo, you would either place an order through the app (for both the iPhone and Android) or directly into the touchscreen on the robot. You choose the exact drink you want, and then Briggo saves your order to your account so you can use it again. The robot starts the whole process, grinding fresh coffee beans for each drink, then texts you when your drink is ready.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 2.10.12 PM

You literally don’t have to talk to anyone– which, as anyone who’s made an emergency Starbucks run during rush hour knows, can be a surprisingly difficult task before the coffee is in your system.


Currently, Briggo uses beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Colombia, which are roasted in Austin, Texas, though it’s not clear how long before reaching the robot the beans are roasted. They also reportedly use Direct Trade coffee, and order it only if it can be guaranteed that everyone in the supply chain was paid a fair price.


(via Briggo via Wired, images via Facebook)

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