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  1. Guy Hacks Classic Game Boy Into Controller For Android Phone Gaming

    Love being able to emulate classic games on your phone but aren't yet sold on the often clumsy control schemes? Well, if you've got some technical know-how, a couple of free hours, and a spare Game Boy from your misspent youth that you don't mind sacrificing on the altar of progress, you can turn that old portable system into a convenient -- and dare we say stylish -- mount for your Android phone that also serves as a controller for all your favorite classic games. Really! There's a video that proves it below.

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  2. OUYA Can Play Emulated Games, Will Likely Be Its Sole Purpose

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's hardly been two weeks since OUYA development kits reached the hands of prospective and independent game developers everywhere, and already we've seen what may be the zenith of its potential. OUYA owners have been posting gameplay videos on the console's official message boards demonstrating that the console meant to revolutionize the home video game market and provide an outlet for developers is pretty much being used to run emulations of classic games of the past instead, especially titles from the immensely popular Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 systems.

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  3. Dad Reprograms a Zelda Game to Make “FemLink” a Female Role-Model for His Daughter

    Parents will do anything for their children. Case in point: When father/gamer Mike Hoye plays The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker with his daughter, he reads her the story. When he does, he changes all the pronouns so that Link is actually a little girl, and Zelda is her little brother. Why does he do it? In a world where most of gaming classic heroes are men trying to a damsel in distress, Mr. Hoye wants his daughter to grow up thinking that girls can be just as heroic as boys. After doing this for some time, Hoye got fed up with having to do all the work in his head, so he took the time to reprogram the game with his own gender-swapped version of the script.

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  4. Beast of a Nintendo Emulator Looks Like an NES, Is Four Systems In One

    Emulation is a great way to get your jones when you're really fixin' for some old-timey goodness. But while it's incredibly easy to download an emulator on your computer, it's not quite the same; there's no console and no controller. Redditor woolydawg5's Ultimate Nintendo Gaming Machine solves those problems. Built into an original NES, woolydawg's device is actually a computer that can emulate the NES, SNES, Game Boy, and the N64. For extra fun, it also supports the original controllers, so you can get that authentic feel, even when it looks like you're playing Super Mario 64 on an NES.

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