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  1. Two Gals Get In the Holiday Spirit, Craft Shots That Taste Like Girl Scout Cookies

    Can "Thin Mint" be my signature drink?

    Entertaining guests like a mature adult can be rewarding, but grown-up parties are often sadly bereft of drizzled chocolate or coconut shavings. But here's a tutorial that shows you how to get your amateur mixologist on and combine the best of both possible worlds (alcohol + dessert)! And remember: should your sweet creations make you crave actual non-liquid cookies, you can now do your Girl Scout shopping online. Truly we live in a magical time.

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  2. Delicious Eevee-Inspired Cocktails Make You Want To Try Every Evolution

    Gotta drink 'em all.

    Tumblr user meowpurrnom has graced Pokéfans with something wonderful: an alcoholic beverage homage to the most elegant evolutionary Pokémon, Eevee! I find it hard enough to choose how to evolve Eevee in-game, so how am I supposed to choose which evolution to drink?

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  3. Must-Have Breathalyzer Watch Tells You When to Go Home, You’re Drunk

    The latest watch from TokyoFlash can tell you when it's time to leave the bar. Whether or not you listen is your own business.

    Most of us have had the kind of night where we would have been better off heading home from the bar before that last round. And we probably would have, too, if someone had just told us that we didn't need another beer. Alas, that's rarely the way the world works. Thanks to the constant march of progress, though, you can now tell when you've had a few too many without relying on your friends or your own inebriated brain. The weirdo watchmakers at Tokyoflash have brought the world a boon -- a watch with a built-in breathalyzer you can use to monitor your drinking. 

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  4. Jones Soda Graces Canada With Limited Edition Poutine-Flavored Soda

    Depending on your feelings when it comes to the oft-maligned poutine, the traditionally Canadian dish of french fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy, this next bit of news could go one way or the other: Jones Soda is officially bringing a limited edition poutine-flavored soda to market. If that's just too much for you, take solace in the fact that it's only coming to Canada. For now.

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  5. 7-11 to Roll Out Dual-Chambered Slurpee

    Prepare to have your minds blown, gentle readers. The 24-hour junk food emporium 7-11 has announced that, starting this June, customers will be able to purchase a dual-chambered Slurpee cup. An idea so simple it's shocking it has taken this long, the double-Slurpee cup will be topped with a special split-straw and valve. This way, drinkers can choose which flavor they wish to partake, or allow them to mix in the straw. Until now, Slurpee aficionados were forced to simply layer their flavors if they wanted a mix. This was utterly unscientific, had no special straw or cup, and came at no extra cost. This new cup and straw combo should put a stop to all that. (USA Today via BuzzFeed)

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  6. One Shaker, One Pour, Nine Different-Colored Drinks

    The drinks change color while they're being poured! Though probably achieved by "floating" or "layering," a process by which liquids of different densities can sit atop one another, the video is still pretty neat to watch. There's too many double rainbow jokes here to pick one.

    (via The Daily What)

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