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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

comic con tickets


2013 San Diego Comic-Con Sells Out in 96 Minutes, But Not Without Some Technical Glitches Along the Way

It was never a question that badges for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con would sell out. The unknown factor was exactly how long it would take. Not long, as it happens: Tickets went on sale this morning at 9AM PST, and by 10:36 they were all gone.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Texts From Hillary

So, we found Texts From Hillary today, and now you know about it, too. You’re welcome.


Not a Misprint

San Diego Comic-Con Tickets Sell Out In The Time It Takes To Watch An Episode Of Doctor Who

They came, they saw, they…went home in tears. I’m talking of course of all those who tried to get San Diego Comic-Con (Comic-Con International) tickets yesterday. New policies were implemented this year to make the process go smoother and well, it’s no surprise it didn’t. Tickets for the pop-culture convention sold out in under an hour (a new record) and lots of people were left with nothing thanks to technical difficulties. 


Don't Try This At Home

How Not To Get a Ticket to Comic Con

Bleeding Cool, in a post idea that we totally wish we had come up with first, has been scouring the web for the most desperate ploys to gain access to San Diego Comic Con. In addition to the usual scalping (with tickets going for up to $300), some people are offering up different, possibly corporeal ideas. Ladies (and gentlemen): this is not how to get tickets for SDCC.